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5 Tips To Write Articles That Connects With Your Audience

When you are writing for your audience, you need to go beyond just providing information. Your writing must engage them, encourage interaction and give them what they want to hear.

A compelling article is more than good reading; it makes the reader more likely to click your call-to-action. Use the tips provided to connect with your audience.

Appeal to Their Emotions

Think of the emotions you feel before you act on a piece of written content. Hope, fear, desperation, desire, flattery are all common emotions that drive people to take action. While you write, think about the emotions you’ll want to stir within the reader and tailor every word to achieve that response.

Use Power Words Wisely

Speak to your audience and let them know that your words are directed at them. Don’t do it collectively though – each reader must feel that you’re having a one on one conversation with him only. There are millions of sites on the internet, and your blog or website should be a place where readers feel welcomed in a personal way, every time they visit. Power words, such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ communicate to the reader that you’re speaking him only.

Answer Questions Before They Ask It

Your reader lands on your blog in a search for information. As he reads, questions will crop up in his mind. How, when, what? Your job – before you put pen to paper or finger to keyboard- is to anticipate the questions the reader might have before reading the piece. You should also consider questions and objections he might have while reading. Don’t leave the reader hanging. Answer those questions, or promise to provide answers in an upcoming post. This will build trust between you and your readers. You’ll also establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Repetition Makes Your Message Stick

Repetition is priceless. You must make use of the 2-5 minutes the reader will spare to read your article to jam your message home. Phrase your message in different ways at the beginning, throughout and at the end of the article so your message sticks with the reader long after they leave your page. Tying the message in with the emotional appeal that we discussed in the first point will ensure that your message has an even greater impact.

Keep It Short and Sweet

You don’t have to be a bore or come on too strong when you’re repeating your message. Online readers process information in small chunks, so stick to short paragraphs, numbered lists, and bullet points. Keep it succinct and precise, so your reader can get the information without searching through a maze of words. Inject your expert opinion in a way that’s short and sweet, and readers will keep coming back.

Know your audience well and use these guidelines to stay connected with them in a meaningful way.


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