How Social Media Can Impact What You Buy

Thereís no question that the proliferation of social media has helped decide what we buy, why we buy it and even how much we spend on the individual product.

According to a recent survey, 80 percent of those between the ages of 18-44 check their smartphones within fifteen minutes of waking up in the morning. And what are they checking?

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What Your Twitter Profile Really Needs

Donít be surprised when I tell you this, but Twitter isnít just about the tweets. People might be sending millions of messages every day, using trending hashtags, and talking about their feelings, their businesses, and their lunches, but thereís something else Twitter has that needs to more emphasis.

Lawyers that rely on Twitter to increase their brand awareness and even find some new clients should especially pay attention to this article because they might be missing a major component of their Twitter accounts: their profile!

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Why Don’t New Zealand Businesses Dig Social Media?

Social media has proven to be an effective tool for marketing and communicating with consumers all over the world. Consumers in New Zealand are following the trend as significant numbers of potential customers are turning to social media.

The problem is that the number of businesses in New Zealand which use social media has decreased. So what New Zealand businesses are effectively telling their customers is that they don't want their money.

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Facebook: 5 Deep Steps Guide to Creating Killer Facebook Ads Campaign

If youíre like many search marketers, you've likely dipped your toe into the waters of Facebook marketing. Now youíre ready to take it to the next level and explore more of the opportunities offered by the social network giant. The good news: itís still fairly early in the game, and there are bargains to be had by savvy marketers.

Letís set the scene. Where is Facebook as a marketing platform today? A recent Webtrends survey found click through on Facebook averaging 0.05% and average cost-per-click at $0.49 last year. Meanwhile, Facebookís top advertisers have increased their spend tenfold in the last couple of years. Facebook is starting to go mainstream among marketers.

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Is It Safe For Your Child To Use Social Media? Yes Or No?

Aside from moving to a remote part of the country and homeschooling your children, itís next to impossible to shelter kids from the dangers of living in modern society. Itís becoming increasingly common for toddlers and even newborns to have social media profiles even though they are too young to read and write!

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Media Savvy – The Pluses And Minuses Of Using Facebook To Promote Your Event

If you are organizing any kind of event that needs publicizing then you would be a fool not to use social media. Use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space etc is a brilliant way to reach your target audience, and having people share your event on their timeline is a great no-cost way to spread the word about what you are doing.

What type of event can I promote?

Basically pretty much anything you like – concerts, literary readings, parties, functions, happenings, balls, charity events, discos, dances, club nights, art exhibitions, plays, sales, fund raisers and even demos – the list is endless.

How it works

All you need to do is make a Facebook event page. Make sure you have your date, venue and time right and then you can start inviting your friends and make sure you ask them to share it with their friends too.† You can also add links to your website.

If you make your event public and use key words that someone might look for (e.g. poetry) then your event will come up when people search for events too. It helps if you have made a Facebook group or page for your organisation – then you can add the event to the organisation’s page and send an invite to everyone in the group as well as to your friend’s list. You can also post links to your event on your wall.

What not to do

There are things you should avoid when making a Facebook event if you don’t want to annoy people and have them opt out of ever receiving events invites from you again. The biggest no-no is sending a blanket invite to everyone on your friends list. We have all received those annoying invites to events at the other side of the country or even on another continent – it’s just not going to happen. Sending indiscriminate invites is tantamount to spam and should be avoided at all costs. It may seem tedious but target the audience that you think might actually be interested in the event and those who live nearby – unless of course it is a wedding or special party.

Avoid the escalating party situation

If your event is a small affair like a party you might want to make it invite only and opt out of allowing people to share the event with their friends. We all remember the story about the boy whose house was wrecked because someone posted his party on Facebook.† The general rule is for public events where you want to sell tickets allow friends to invite friends but for small private events make it so you only you can invite people.

The bigger picture

Of course however good your online promotion is you will probably want to back it back with some real world promotion too. Posters, adverts in listing magazines and the local press, local radio listings etc. are all good ways to increase the visibility of your event.

And beyond…

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Create Your Lovable Marketing: 29 Tips From Brand Experts

Expert advice on how to create the marketing people love, if any function or festival we can share the love through cards, roses and chocolates. So it’s the perfect time to highlight though and easily you can create the marketing people love. The main thing of creating the marketing people love, you have to know the people and then you want to reach in order to make the content that they will create the love of your marketing process.


This is not just behind about the profiles of whom they are, but you have to know exactly which type of people’s they are in the networks. After, that you will create the content that is not all about the landing page for your sale. It will share more details about the company and solve the problem. Then, begin to connect with you and the support of great content that will help you sell the products or services and help them into a customer.

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Making Money Online: A depression solution

In the earlier part of this year I suffered from depression from losing my job due to my transfer of residence but thank God a new opportunity came my way. I learned from my friend that there are lots of online jobs offered in the net by different companies with good compensation too and I also found out that you can buy and sell goods online conveniently.My first try was selling goods and services thru Facebook. It helped me a lot since I got savings from huge rental fee for a place or space in a mall or in downtown area.It helped me lessen the operational expense since i did not employ another staff to watch over, sell, collect payments and bookkeep for my goodies and stuff. I no longer pay government business licenses and taxes which is also unreasonable in cost ’cause even if you declare bankupcy you still have government fees to pay. Better try online selling for if you have new good arrivals, I just took pictures of them and post it in my account and share it to my prospective clients. Read more

Make money online with your own online radio show

Did you ever think about an online radio show? It’s a less “conventional” way to make money online, but if you’re good at it, your revenues could climb to staggering heights. The secret to it, is that you really have to love it. So, if an online radio show isn’t for you, better you drop the idea.If you’re interested try searching for “free online radio” and see what Google comes up with. You might stumble upon some sites or blogs that offer the possibility to host one’s radio show. Read more

How To Make Money With Facebook?

In order to make money with Facebook, you do not need to worry about buying anything or paying anyone for money making secrets. In fact, it is possible for you to make money as soon as you finish learning about how to make money with Facebook. Many of these money making secrets (there is even a topic on Facebook about this0 only take a few minutes to set up and a few minutes to maintain each day. However in order to make money with Facebook it is important for you to obtain a market. This means that you will need to have enough Facebook friends as an audience.

Show Ads on Facebook

 You may not realize it but you could actually make money by using Facebook ads. There are a lot of different Facebook applications that make it extremely easy for you to show ads on your Facebook profile. This is an easy way for you to take advantage of the fact that you are very popular on Facebook. If you do not have a large audience, now may be the time for you add more people on Facebook. Make your profile interesting. You can use many different Pay per Click advertising companies to make money on Facebook. Read more