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Your email subscribers are going mobile. Are you ready for them?

In a recent study, it has been clearly shown that more and more email subscribers use their mobile platforms to open up email messages. Up until now, webmail and desktop clients were primarily used to read, sort through and respond to emails. But during the last few months, an increase up to 80% was noticeable towards email openings from smartphones and tablets.

The market lead belongs to Apple, primarily due to its availability and popularity. Since the iPhone and iPad have been released, a steady shift towards accessing email accounts from mobile devices has been noticed. Android comes in second, followed by the Windows phones. Desktops and webmail however, are steadily losing the race.


Now how does this translate into something you need paying attention to?

We all know the importance of having email subscribers to which we can send newsletters, updates and all sorts of info in order to expand and enrich our business. While this was a pretty easy to do task, given the fact that you could employ certain services that dealt with this, now it turns out that a little more attention has to be paid towards this regard.

An email message that is not adapted for the mobile platform might prove to be something you would want to stay away from. Imagine the scenario: a subscriber on his or her way to work. Once they receive an email message, they take out their smartphone or tablet to check it out. If the message does not display correctly or it has content that does not comfortably fit on the screen of the small devices, it will likely be ignored for the moment. Some subscribers might remember to open it on their desktops, others might not. You automatically lose a part of your audience. And the audience automatically loses some updates you have sent them, which in turn, generates a loss of interest in your website.


What can you do about it?

Well, it’s pretty easy. You just need to make sure that the emails and newsletters sent are mobile friendly. If you can’t deal with this on your own terms, find an email sending service that provides exactly this. It may cost a bit more for now, given the novelty of the trend, but don’t worry – it’ll pay off in a wider audience, as a result of higher accessibility and visibility.


In the end it’s all about paying attention to details like these that turn your business from just another brick in the wall to a worthwhile investment. It takes initiative, it’s true – but the results will not take long to become noticeable.


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