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Why Backlinks are so Important for SEO

Backlinks are not only important to a solid SEO campaign; they are the main ingredient to intelligent search engine optimization. When using them it is necessary to understand why backlinks work, how they work, and what errors can be made that will diminish the effectiveness of backlink methodology.What is a Backlink?If you have been working online long you will have most likely heard the term backlink. It refers to an inserted link in a post, article, or webpage that directs readers to another website. Anyone can use backlinks to make their pages more relevant from bloggers to big corporations.Getting traffic to your pages is the only way to spread your message, or make you products visable online in a world of congested web space and high competition. For businesses with a product to sell, or organizations with a message to send backlinks play an important role in helping them compete with the multitudes of similar items and platforms.How Backlinks WorkThere are two ways backlinks are beneficial to a SEO campaign. The first is obvious. When viewers to a particular blog or article see the link they click on it to go directly to the new page. This gets traffic to the linked website and provides valuable consumer hits. These links are best placed in areas where the information provided from the link will be relevant to the readers. A link to an automobile parts store is more relevant on a blog, or in an article pertaining to auto repair than it would be on a page dedicated to cross-stitching. In many cases a good, well-formulated general blog is also a fine platform for just about any type of backlink as the population reading that blog is diverse enough to find interested parties for many different types of links.The second way backlinks work is much more subtle but perhaps even more valuable. Old posts that become archived in a blog provide a great deal of ‘link juice’ for months and even years to come if left intact on a blog. Those old link build up over time if placed in multiple areas around the web and boost the linked sites visibility on search engines due to the high number of links existing. That means that when visitors to a search engine type in the words used to link to a site it will show up higher in the listings of results. That is why ‘what’ words used to create the backlinks can be so important to a solid campaign. It is important that the same words are used whenever links are created on different websites.Keywords and PhrasesThe words used to create backlinks are called keywords or key phrases if they contain more than one word. An automobile parts store may use the term ‘chrome bumpers’ for a key phrase to attract viewers to their website selling such items. It is important that the exact same phrase be used each time a link is created and that it appears in exactly the same style. ‘Chrome bumper’ is different than ‘Chrome bumpers’ and close attention to such variations should always be top priority.Creating a solid SEO campaign using backlinks is the smartest move a company can make. The effect on traffic from backlinks is immediate and archives backlinks build over time but both will provide a strong basis from which to build your website.


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