Blog advertising is the newest way to make money with your blog. Almost everyone now understands just what a blog is. But not many people know what blog advertising happens to be.

So what is a blog? It is important to understand this term before you can understand just what blog advertising is. A blog gets its name from “web log”, or an online Internet diary of sorts. It started out that simple – people set up personal blogs to write about their lives, and share with friends, family, and other interested Internet users. Blogging has since evolved into something much more for millions of people who start up their own blog.

Blogging is easy, because there are many different sites that allow their users to set up a blog for free. It is a way to have your own Internet space, allowing either your own private friends and family or the whole world to see what you are about. A blog may be used for just personal reasons. However, many people have realized that a blog is a great way to advertise and earn money in the process.

So what is blog advertising? It is as simple as the name implies. Many people who run a blog have realized that there is the ability to make money with their blog. Blog advertising refers to the advertisements that are posted on the pages of the blog. These have been around for years, such as in the banners that are run at the top page of a blog, or around the sides of the postings.

The sale of text links soon took off when many different bloggers realized that they could use the sale of text links on their personal blog as a way to make money. Post sponsorship is the new thing for bloggers to participate in now. When the blogger makes a post, they will target certain key words and phrases that are geared toward a certain advertiser.

A post that is sponsored may be written just for a certain advertiser. These may be of different products, reviews, or other websites. Often, the owner of the blog simply writes their posts the way they normally do, but briefly mention the sponsor that they are endorsing.

When trying to figure out what is blog advertising, many people than ask the next appropriate question. What sells well on a blog? What ads work the best? The focus of a blog is on a person, and the blog has to connect well with its readers.

Advertising with a blog requires the blogger to pick a creative way to get their viewers to check out their ads. Images work well on blogs, or a text that makes one think. Colorful and catchy images can help those advertising on a blog, as can moving text. One way that it is not recommended is looping ads, which experts say can distract and annoy readers of the blog. A blog advertisement also works quite well when it looks like it is part of the blogs content to begin with.

Although blogging is nothing new to the world of the Internet, many people are trying to find out all they can on what is blog advertising. The next step to blog advertising is making money with your ads. For this, you will need to generate as much visitor traffic as you can.

The first way to do this is to advertise your blog. As long as you have good advertising skills, you’re blog advertisements can be successful. Search engine optimization is the phrase heard most often when speaking of blog advertising, otherwise known as SEO. When you have a blog, it should contain keywords that are relevant to the content of what you write about. Your html tags should also contain all the important keywords that describe what your blog is about, especially if you have your own domain. This way, search engines will pick up and rank your blog much quicker, thus bringing in more traffic.

Those who wonder what is blog advertising and how to make the most out of it know about backlinks. A backlink is what other websites post on their forums, or blogs, and users who click on it get sent back to your blog. You can best get backlinks out by submitting your blogs to different article directories and give out a link that goes to your blog when clicked. You will get automatic backlinks this way, thus bringing in more traffic to your blog.

When you have accomplished these steps, you will see what is blog advertising at its finest. The next step is to make sure that your blog is always updated so that you stay ranked highly in the search engines. Since new web content is always being looked for by popular search engines, the best way to stay current is to update your blog regularly. Besides, everyone wants to read new stuff everyday, so you will not want to disappoint your valued readers.

Finally, when you believe there is enough content on your blog, you can start using social bookmarking sites to submit your blog to. You want to make sure you have plenty of information, posts and advertisements to keep your visitors reading and coming back for more. Then, you will see what is blog advertising at its best, and generate income with your own personal blog.

Robert Gombos

Robert Gombos

Robert Gombos has 15+ years of successful Marketing experience in the software and Internet industries. Combined with BS/MS studies.