What Are Your Options if You Can’t Afford to Have Your Car Repaired


Certain brands of cars are notorious for requiring more maintenance and repairs than others. Some luxury cars tend to be safer than less expensive ones. They have upgraded safety and maintenance features that cause the vehicle to last longer and make them less likely to be involved in an accident.

But what about those who are not in the financial situation to be able to afford an expensive luxury car?

Is It Worth Repairing?

The general opinion is that if the repairs cost you more than what the car is worth, it might be time to get a new one. However, other variables come into play that may affect your decision.

Start by estimating the value or your car. You can look at websites such as Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book to get some estimates.

Other factors that play into this equation are the type of repair needed as well as the overall condition of your vehicle. Also, consider whether other repairs may be necessary in the future.

Check with the service department you plan to use to get their input. They are professional mechanics and can give you insights you might not have considered.

Options if You Can’t Afford the Repairs

Once you have decided to get your car repaired, what can you do if you don’t have the money readily available to pay for the service?

Consumers today are keeping their vehicles longer than in the past. They are also aware of the importance of regularly-scheduled maintenance and servicing that will extend the lifetime value of their cars.

Many industries have expanded their offerings to include auto repairs because of the rise in demand for these services.

This industry is also referred to as the automotive aftermarket industry and is expected to reach $772.8 billion by the year 2020.

Check With the Dealership

Many dealerships will work with you to help you pay for your repairs. One way is to apply for credit. Pay attention to the interest rates they are asking as they are often like those on a credit card. You can always talk to the finance department to see if they will work out a better deal. If you purchased your vehicle at the same dealership, rely on the relationship you have already developed with them to get the best program for your needs.

Use Your Credit Card

Putting the repair charges on your credit card is the fastest and easiest way to get the work needed on your vehicle quickly. However, you do want to be careful not to run up your credit card debt. Pay off as much of the cost as possible and carry over the least amount you can based on your financial ability and resources.

Plan Ahead With an Emergency Fund

If you are at the point where you need the money right now, this option won’t help you. However, you are reading this and don’t need money immediately, think about putting away as much as you can starting now. If you do, when the time comes that you need money to repair your car or for another unexpected expense, you will already have it tucked away in an account set up only for emergencies.

Owning a car is necessary for most people, but it does come with financial risks. Having to pay for unexpected repairs is at the top of the list. You are not alone, as many car owners find themselves in the same situation. A recent survey by AAA found that 64 million Americans have had to borrow money to be able to pay for repairs on their vehicle.

Car maintenance and unexpected repairs are part of life for those who own them. If you don’t already have an emergency fund, you should consider starting one now. It’s never too late.

If you don’t have one and need repairs now, then there are several options, such as the ones listed above, that can help you get your hands on the funds you need to repair your car.


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