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Top 3 Processes That Every Modern Business Should Automate

Advances in modern technology and the widespread use of digital business solutions such as internet-based services, intelligent analytics tools, and smart data management systems have led to the popularity of business process automation (BPA).

Automation helps businesses streamline their operations by improving process efficiency, cutting costs, and reducing the human effort required in completing tasks, which minimizes errors and speeds up processes. Thanks to Workflow Automation Software from Mitratech and other vendors, mission-critical workflow processes can be automated and modernized to meet productivity goals. Besides that, there are other critical processes that every modern business should automate.

Sales and Transactions

Today, the conventional brick-and-mortar business model is seen as a traditional and outdated way of doing business. Many entrepreneurs are shifting to more convenient business models that don’t involve as much human intervention as brick-and-mortar establishments. For many entrepreneurs, this means taking the enterprise online.

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Most online e-commerce platforms can conduct and record transactions and make sales on their own. Some of these platforms are incredibly robust when it comes to taking care of sales and transactions. And the good thing is that they do all this for the large part without needing human input.


Marketing is a continuous effort, especially so with modern digital marketing. It’s vital to keep your marketing strategies alive at all times to keep up with the competition. Some e-commerce platforms can be customized to run part of the brand’s marketing campaigns through strategies such as SEO and calls to action automatically. But even putting e-commerce platform marketing aside, there are many ways that businesses can automate their marketing efforts.

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Modern intelligent marketing tools can be put in autonomous mode, where they continuously analyze market trends and key performance indicators to come up with dynamic marketing solutions. These systems make use of vast amounts of data to provide actionable business and marketing insights.

Financial Management and Accounting

Financial management and bookkeeping are at the heart of every enterprise. If done properly, financial management and accounting can help a business realize its financial and business goals. However, matters of finance demand accuracy and a keen eye. With an automated financial management system, businesses can effortlessly create financial documents on-demand, and more importantly, draw predictive conclusions from financial reports.

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How many of these processes have you automated in your business? If you’re not a fan of automation, it about time you reconsidered your preferences for the sake of your business. Automation is all about improving work efficiency, which is directly proportional to productivity.


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