We are living in the age of technology and therefore it is important for us to keep up with the changing dynamics of social media. A relatively new platform that businesses and brands are starting to utilized is Snapchat. The demographic is a bit younger, but with the fast rate of change, it’s worth it for you to at least know your options when it comes to places for social advertising.

With 178 Million daily users, Snapchat should be regarded as one of the many excellent options for businesses and brands to spend marketing and promotion dollars.

A paid social media marketing agency can help you to determine the most effective use of your effort and dollars on Snapchat. They can help create visual elements as well as determine the brand voice you are looking to portray. If you are just getting started, we created some beginner tips for you and your business to successfully utilize Snapchat, and engage as many of the users as possible.

Create attractive Geofilters

If you want to advertise on Snapchat, one simple way is to create a branded Geofilter. The customized Geofilter will pop up whenever a user is within the range of the parameters set on the filter. Geofilter pricing depends on the area, and time frame that you set it for so this can be an easy way to experiment before you dive in completely.

Come up with a creative idea and deploy your filter during a local event such as a basketball game or a music festival. You can either choose to create your own filter, or you can select from templates. We suggest using your creativity to design something specific to your brand. The more popular the event, the higher the price might be, but the number of people using the filter will also increase. 

Create a Themed Filter or Lens

Another feature of Snapchat that advertisers may utilize, is to create a themed lens that allows people to change their appearance based on various choices. Most people have seen the Snapchat flower crowns or animal ears, but now companies are able to get involved and advertise using lenses. Usually, with lenses, you will want to create something that is unique and fun that people will want to share with their friends. For example, Cover Girl could create a lens that makes the user look like they are wearing a gold shimmery eyeshadow. On the bottom of the screen, a Cover Girl Logo or the name of the product being promoted will appear. People then will send photos of them with this filter, and in turn, the user, and the receivers of this Snapchat will be advertised to. This feature uses facial recognition which helps to creates a personalized experience.

Snapchat Story

Use your company’s Snapchat story to update users on new products, or daily happenings. “Go Live” during the work day and show people a friendly competition forming around the office or a holiday-themed party. Employees and customers will love the change of pace. It also gives customers a feeling of being behind the scenes and makes it feel that they have a genuine connection to your brand.

Another way to utilize your Snap Story is to feature happy customers with your product, get a quick, unedited testimonial from a happy customer when you deliver your product on time or share a nice note or review someone sent in. Feel free to use filters and emojis (tastefully) to be more approachable.

Purchase Ad Space

Companies can purchase ad space that will be promoted to users based on your demographic and budget. Viewers will see these ads in between watching their friend’s stories, or while exploring stories on the “Discover” page.

Buy Your Own Discover Channel

While on the topic of the Discover page we should mention that some brands that provide media or news, can purchase a discover page. This is a channel that users can subscribe to for daily updated content. Brands such as People Magazine, Daily Mail, and Tastemade, have been successful in growing their audience using the Discover Channel.

Run Promotions on Snapchat

Encourage new users to visit your Snapchat channel by offering an exclusive promo code on that platform. For example, if you sell t-shirts, you can give away a 10% off code that you only share on your Snap story. Be sure to track attribution, by making the code specific to that platform, such as 10offSnap or something similar.

Don’t forget about the power of cross-promotion. Use this as a reason to also promote your brand on other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, suggesting people to follow/like your page. You can run promotions simultaneously and track results to see which platforms offer the highest rate of return.

Use Hashtags

When posting on Snapchat, use hashtags. Users will be more likely to find you, not only on Snapchat, but on other social media platforms. This also creates a way for you to find people who are “chatting” about your brand. Find one or two specific hashtags, you’d like to be associated with, and start promoting them every time to post a story. Encourage others to use the same in their story whenever they mention your product or service. Don’t forget to include your Twitter and Instagram handle so that they can find you easily.


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