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The Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies For 2013 For You

With the rapid growth in social networking as well as mobile devices, the way in which people are using the Internet is changing. The year 2013 means some big opportunities for affiliate marketers. They need to figure out some effective affiliate marketing strategies for 2013 in order to take advantage of this change. A few of these are detailed here.

Cross- Channel Affiliate Marketing Is the Newest Trend
Cross-channel marketing that is customer focused is the new trend that is really going to take off this year. This means that affiliates will be rewarded for much more than just for closing of deals. Presently in affiliate marketing, it is only the person creating the cookie on the user’s machine at purchase point who is rewarded. However, many others are responsible for pushing a purchase. This means that the cookie-based system is not that effective. This is why the affiliate programs are now moving towards coupons and such other attribution tracking methods in order to ensure that affiliates are rewarded more effectively.


Focusing on the Emerging Markets
The biggest opportunities for affiliate marketers this year are in the emerging markets. This refers to any geographical location that is seeing a huge increase in broadband or even in mobile availability, or is on the brink of massive economic growth.

Affiliate Marketing Must Include Video Marketing
There is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words. Moreover, the number of people who are watching video content on their Smartphones as well as tablet PCs is constantly growing. This is why bite-sized viral videos are being considered as highly successful as a marketing method. Another thing to be noted here is that web users do not like watching the videos with high production values. Thus, the excellent opportunity here is to reach these users by producing interesting and entertaining home videos.

Do Location Specific Affiliate Marketing
It is quite evident that people are keen to share their location information if they are able to enjoy discounts this way. This is why they happily add location information to their social media interactions. As per the affiliate marketing strategies for 2013, you need to take advantage of this in order to offer highly targeted and localized information rather than generic ads. People tend to respond much more happily to local ads. This strategy works perfectly for local eccentric affiliate programs such as Lyoness.

Make Use of Big Data
With cloud computing, any amount of data can be harnessed. There is no need of a huge server farm or even a big team of programmers. A solo affiliate is good enough. It is possible to work out of a spare room in order to analyze subscribers, in addition to social media messages, searches as well as sales. This will help to figure out what users are actually interested in and what kind of content they would typically respond well to.

In order to enjoy continued success while doing affiliate marketing, you need to take advantage of this information on affiliate marketing strategies for 2013 and see your profits soar.

Adam S. Cadena has over 25 years of writing experience stemming from being a journalist after college. He is now a full time online entrepreneur making a living for him and his family while at home with the wife and kids.


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