The Boxers Versus Briefs Question Finally Answered

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Many men don’t contemplate their underwear choices as much as women do. However, this is one question that many have asked themselves and others over the last several decades. This question is, “is it better to wear boxers or briefs?” Fortunately, it seems there is now an answer.

What Is a Men’s Brief?

There are a few styles of men’s briefs that you are probably already familiar with. Some of the different types of briefs are Boser brief, bikini, and some styles of mens pouch underwear. They are well known by many slang names, but they all have one thing in common. They fit tightly against the body, clinging to the thighs and groin. Like most clothing, briefs come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and pattern options.

What Are Men’s Boxer Shorts?

Boxers, sometimes called boxer shorts, are a bit different. They fit more like shorts or trunks and are loose around the legs and groin. Despite being subject to bunching, they are sometimes considered to be more comfortable than their tight-fitting brethren. Boxer shorts also come in different colors, patterns, and fabric options.

What’s the Difference?

The major difference comes into play with the way the shorts grip your body. Boxer shorts are usually only tight at the waist, while briefs hug your legs and groin all the way around. You don’t necessarily want to do rigorous activities while wearing boxers, and you might prefer them while lounging or working at a desk job. Briefs tend to be more comfortable while running or playing sports.

So, Which Is Better?

Although opinions on the matter of which is better are still out and sometimes hotly debated, most men prefer a combination called boxer briefs or even a more advanced boxer brief like the mens pouch underwear. The matter of preference does depend on a man’s anatomy, working conditions, and other factors. Someone with sensitive skin, whose anatomy is subject to chafing, may prefer a tighter fit to keep things in place. Someone who has a more compact groin might prefer the loose and flexible boxers.

What Do Doctors Say?

Doctors and scientists have actually researched this question. They conclude that one is not better than the other. Those who wear boxers have no significant temperature decrease, and those who wear briefs have no significant temperature increase. In layman’s terms, no wearing boxers does not increase sperm production, count, or motility.

Although there is no scientific evidence that boxers are better when attempting to have children, it doesn’t hurt to try, particularly if you and your partner are having trouble. There is some anecdotal evidence that it is easier to conceive with boxers. One study does say that it may help because tight undergarments might impair spermatogenesis or sperm production.

What Do Women Say?

For the most part, women have their preferences of which one they like to see. Some prefer boxers while others prefer briefs. However, it is a fact that women will sometimes usurp boxers for their own purposes, for example, as sleepwear if they fit correctly. Those who prefer briefs prefer the longer, better fitting types of underwear like boxer briefs or mens pouch underwear. Unless you plan to show off your undergarments, women generally prefer whichever you are more comfortable in.

When it comes to the age-old question of boxers versus briefs, the simple answer is more comfortable for you. There is no correct answer, although you might want to carefully consider your choices if you are trying to have children or participating in sports or other rigorous activities. Boxer briefs seem to be the best choice because they present the best of both worlds.


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