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Sponsored Blogging Not As Easy As It Seems

Have you ever considered starting a blog to make extra money? The blogging world is full of money making opportunities, such as advertising. You can put ads up on the home page or even inside the blog post as well. Sponsored reviews is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money. However, the experience can become very frustrating if you do it incorrectly.First of all, all bloggers know that one of the most important things to have for your blog to be successful at sponsored reviews is page rank. Google is the origin of this page rank. Bloggers do several things to try to achieve a high page rank for their blog. Link exchange is a common way to do this, because page rank is entirely based on the amount, and quality of links coming in to your web site. The problem is that many bloggers go crazy spamming other bloggers web sites requesting link exchange, and end up with many unrelated, low quality links. This can end up hurting them, instead of helping them.Once bloggers achieve the long awaited page rank, advertisers line up to get their products, or websites reviewed by the blogger. This is where it gets interesting. Bloggers go to web sites that connect bloggers, and advertisers, and submit their blogs for acceptance. One they get approved, they either get contacted by the advertisers, or they can simply sort through the opportunities and choose one to write about. They will get paid for each sponsored review they write. Usually, the sites only allow you to have two or three paid reviews on your blog each day. They also require that your blog have other content besides the paid reviews.These are great rules, and they would normally work. But, I have seen bloggers that have nothing but paid reviews with very little other content which consists mainly of a few paragraphs about what they had for lunch. This makes it very obvious to anyone that visits your blog, that you are in it just for the money. Advertisers don’t mind so much, because all they want is the back link to their website, which will help them rank higher in the search engines, which is why they want to advertise on blogs with page rank.So, it works out fine, for the blogger and the advertiser. That is, until Google steps in. Google reviews it page rank receivers every three months. Google has been known to remove page rank from those blogs that participate in sponsored reviews. If they find out that you are selling links from your blog, they will remove your page rank completely, thus removing your earning power, or at least most of it.So, for a blogger, losing page rank can be detrimental. That’s why, if you are blogging for cash, try not to be so greedy. If you do just a few sponsored reviews from your blog, and have related quality content that isn’t paid, you are more likely to have success with the experience. If you want to earn more money, you might want to try and get several blogs, and you’ll be able to do more posts. But, don’t get more blogs than you’ll be able to provide content for. Because, the most important rule of blogging is to keep it interesting.


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