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So, you have decided to become a blogger and make some money?

If you have decided to become a blogger and make some money from blog advertising, there are some criteria that you must pay attention to in order to succeed in this online business. You will see advertising strategies that you will find useful in the following article.Firstly, you have to know that in order to make money out of blog advertising, you have to present original and equillibrated content, regardless of the product you`re promoting through your blog. The reviews must be written entirely from your own perspective, expressing feelings and personal opinion towards a product or a website. Remember that if you`re honest and people like what they read, they will come right back atyou for more articles and having these loyal readers is nothing but a plus.Secondly, if you want advertisers to pay you for posting on your site banners of their products or services, you have to make your blog very popular. If your blog is popular, it means that you have a great number of visitors and this is what matters for advertisers, they`re looking for blogs that they know can bring them potential customers or users. Blog advertising can turn out to be  a wealthy job if more than one advertiser want you to promote them.Thirdly, if your blog barely has 100 visitors per month, you could learn how to apply some techniques that will definitely increase your page hits. For instance, SEO writing can boost your blog in the top list of the result pages if you write reviews according to SEO rules, as a following of joining blogger forums as well as visiting other blogs or submitting for free to blog directories or topsites which will make you more popular. Exchanging links could also help you if there are persons interested in your work .There are three main types of blog advertising opportunities:1. Pay-per-click – In this situation, if you have many visitors you could take advantage of this and everytime a person clicks on one ad, there will be a certain sum of money that will gather in your PayPal account. It is 100% safe, not a scam, but it is worth it only for well-known blogs. It is ideal if you want to work from home.2. Pay-per-impression – Also reffered to as “CPI” or “CPM” and it is used to measure  the cost and worth of an e-marketing campaign. In this case, the blog owner will be paid each time an advertisers decides to offer you an ad for you to post it.3. Pay-per-action – Oftenly known as PPA (or Pay-per-Acquisition). This opportunity is similar to the PTC (paid-to-click), but in this case the advertiser would pay you only if the visitor that clicks the add will make a purchase from their company or submission to a site (if case).Before deciding upon which method you will use in the future, it is recommended that you try at least several methods so you will be able to figure out which one fits your needs best. Doing the appropriate research is vital and originality also has its  role, keeping in mind the competitive market of which you will be part.


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