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Sleep Better With a Custom Mattress


When buying a new mattress, most people just head to the store and lay down on floor models for a few minutes, then pick the mattress they think will be the most comfortable in the size they need—from twin to king. But a few minutes of lounging in plain view of other shoppers, all while a sales associate tries to convince you of the benefits of said mattress, isn’t necessarily the best way to buy.

This is especially true if you need a custom mattress for unconventional sleeping arrangements like those found on yachts and other boats.

Size, however, is only one of the perks of getting a custom mattress. Doing so also means that you get to completely customize your new mattress, from choosing from a variety of materials to deciding the level of firmness that works best for you. Temperature controlled materials are also a great and popular choice. Most companies that offer custom mattresses also offer bed accessories like high-quality orthopedic pillows and sheets that will fit your new mattress perfectly.

If you are considering getting a custom mattress, you should always make sure that the company offers a satisfaction guarantee (a hundred-day satisfaction guarantee is the norm). This is important, because you will likely be sleeping on this mattress for the next few years, and you need to make sure that it is comfortable. Aside from the satisfaction guarantee, you should ask what kind of warranty the custom mattress company offers on the mattress itself against flaws and wear and tear. If you chose a company that delivers high-quality custom mattresses, then that warranty should be no less than five years.

Perhaps the best part about ordering a custom mattress is that if you have a partner, both sides can be individually customized to fit each of your unique sleeping preferences. Unlike two-sided beds that can be made firmer or softer using a controller, your custom mattress will forever remain just the right fit for you, with the added benefit of custom materials and dimensions.

Reputable custom mattress companies will also feature professional and experienced staff that will be able to offer advice and insight based on your height, weight, sleeping preferences, and pretty much everything you might want to know about mattresses, sleep, and bed accessories. Do not hesitate to ask questions and gain as much information as you can, as it will allow you to make the right decisions when it comes to your custom-made mattress. Even though you may have the option to send back your mattress for a refund or an exchange, the goal is to get a mattress that is comfortable the first time around.

Custom mattresses take a little more planning and thought than just buying a regular mattress at the store, but the results are more than worth it. You are more likely to be satisfied with a custom mattress, and that satisfaction will translate into more restful sleep for years to come.


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