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Online marketing is one of the least expensive forms of marketing

Due to the economic downturn in the last couple of years, business marketing has started to change to accommodate the way people view business during times of economic stress. Many businesses are limited their traditional marketing processes and turning to online marketing. Online marketing is a popular choice because of the large and varied results for the price. Online marketing is one of the least expensive forms of marketing, which makes it very popular in recessions. SEO in 2009 has become one of the number one ways to market a business or product.However, because of the popularity of the style of marketing, many search engines have changed the way that they conduct their online searches. As the technology increases, the searching procedure can become more and more specialized making more and more specific requirements for web pages. This means that the old ways of creating SEO content are not going to work as well. SEO in 2009 is quite different than it has been in the past due to the increased number of SEO marketers as well as the new search engine procedures. However, some of the old SEO techniques still work if they are given a new twist.Keyword articles have always been one of the number one ways to reach the top of any search. Keywords are still very important, but the content used to hold the keywords has to be more informational and useful than ever. Sites that just list random keywords without an article, or articles that make little or no sense will be thrown out of search results lists by the new searching systems. This makes it very important to get well written, informational, and interesting articles to place on each site for the site to continue to reach the top of search results pages.Another feature that search engines have created recently is the ability to conduct a more specialized search. This is done through the selection of the media content before the “search” button is pressed. Many search engines have a selection for pictures, video, news, articles, and stores that can narrow searches down. To maximize on this for search engine optimization, it is important to have a variety of content on each web page. There are almost any number of sources that can be used for any topic, so finding content should not be hard. However, it is important to be aware that variety of content will help keep a site at the top of the results page.Videos and photos added to a site increase the “curb appeal” of the site. They also allow people to visit a site when conducting a video or photo search. Many health sites have taken advantage of this kind of advertising by having articles, pictures, and videos all on their sites. However, any site can take advantage of the same marketing techniques. It is also important to have a site with clean graphics and design. A clear navigation system is also important to remain high on search results.Another new process for SEO in 2009 is the use of social marketing. The use of such tools as forums, Twitter and other RSS feed information, social sites such as My Space and Facebook, and e-mail groups are very important to marketing online. Creating networks of fans and followers will go a long way toward keeping a business popular and well-visited. Without these extra boosts of marketing it is likely that a business’s site will have a much harder time keeping on top of search results. Social marketers can make or break any site.Another aspect for SEO in 2009 is personalization. Customers and contacts in a recession market need to know that their business contacts keep track of them and enjoy their time. Customer service is a big deal, as well as more personalized care. Part of this marketing style is accomplished through social marketing and networking, while the rest is established through the way customers and visitors are handled when they visit the site or order products. When customers and contacts feel they are treated well and with respect they are more likely to come back to a site and recommend it to a friend. And even though SEO marketing is important right now, nothing beats a word-of-mouth recommendation.


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