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Making Money Online: A depression solution

In the earlier part of this year I suffered from depression from losing my job due to my transfer of residence but thank God a new opportunity came my way. I learned from my friend that there are lots of online jobs offered in the net by different companies with good compensation too and I also found out that you can buy and sell goods online conveniently.My first try was selling goods and services thru Facebook. It helped me a lot since I got savings from huge rental fee for a place or space in a mall or in downtown area.It helped me lessen the operational expense since i did not employ another staff to watch over, sell, collect payments and bookkeep for my goodies and stuff. I no longer pay government business licenses and taxes which is also unreasonable in cost ’cause even if you declare bankupcy you still have government fees to pay. Better try online selling for if you have new good arrivals, I just took pictures of them and post it in my account and share it to my prospective clients.About the price, orders and payment, I did not divulge it freely on Facebook to protect my business from bugos clients and fraud.Me and my clients talk about pricing and payments on email. Doing this kind of business gives encouragement to young and wanna be businessmen to be self-sustainable. Aside from chatting only in Facebook, you can now make money from it. Just be sure to use your common sense while you’re making money online because there’s a lot of scam and fraud going on line.Another job which I’m also interested in is the online article writing.It is quite difficult but I prefer doing it because I need to exercise my brain and make it fully equipped everyday since I believe that knowledge is power. I also joined the different paid survey sites in the net to have little savings and likers to different sites and products in Facebook.This new kind of job is really amazing since you can still do all the chores in your house like when you are a housewife like me and at the same time earn a living.I am a part-time real estate broker too in my place so it is really more convenient for me to be always online to keep my clients posted especially for the properties latest update so that my sales will be faster and ensured. The internet is very useful since you can reach almost all clients here from class A to D because almost all the people nowadays are internet users,so it is expected that you have can have huge income since you have a huge market.Lastly, doing business online gives me financial freedom and self-satisfaction since I am no longer dependent from my husband’s income.It gives me new hope and new perspective in life.Indeed, it makes me complete since I got to earn while enjoying at the same time.


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