Making money online with Google’s AdSense program is one of the most talked about ways of securing a serious income online. However, you won’t become a millionaire over night. But, at least in the beginning, you can earn some nice extra online cash to cover your monthly bills.

So, what exactly is Google AdSense and how does it work?

 I suppose you already know that AdSense is an ad serving service powered by the world’s leading search engine, Google. The AdSense algo analyzes the content of your website. Based on its analysis, it will place ads relevant to your content. Whenever your website’s visitors click on an ad you earn money.Note that each click’s value is different. For instance, you can earn a few cents for a click or you can even get 15 Dollars for just one tiny click.Many huge websites (like,, etc.) use Google AdSense to make money online and the figures of their online incomes are astonishing. These websites are worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars each and every single month.The possibilities of making money online are almost endless. Still interested in how to make money online with AdSense? Okay, the, keep reading and adjust the following advices to your own situation.

So, what you really need to make money with Google Adsense?

 1.       A domain nameYou have to choose a web 2.0 domain name (like Scribe, Seomoz, etc. ). This means you should think of a name that is catchy, but isn’t composed of all too common words. If you decide to go for a niche website, I recommended you choose a domain name that includes the main targeted keyword.As you can see, this “How to make money online like us?” blog is a niche blog. What I mean by that is that it’s targeted on “how to make money online” ways, therefore I chose its domain name accordingly.2.       A web hostingTo start with, a basic web hosting is more than enough. Make sure it’s Linux based with PHP, MySQL enabled. Hostgator is a good start.3.       ContentTo make money on the Internet you need quality content. Again, the type of content may vary based on the type of website you have. For example, article directories accept tons of articles. People submit articles to get a back link. Article directories accept articles to get content and make money using AdSense or other monetization techniques.4.       TrafficYou can’t make money online without visitors, because their action (clicking, buying something) will keep the online money flow going. When it comes to online marketing there are a lot of methods to gain visibility, therefore visitors.To succeed in your online money making endeavor you need to constantly read, learn and test stuff. What works for a competitor website may not work for you and vice- versa.Related strictly to our topic, how to make money online with AdSense, following the four steps I stated, you can start your own money making online business. Don’t expect miracles in a short period of time. Be persuasive, work hard, learn from the best and think positive. Also, make sure you read the terms of use before you start using AdSense. There is basic stuff you need to know, for instance, avoid certain practices in order to not be banned by Google.

Things to avoid if you want to make money online with Google Adsese

 1.       Duplicate contentThere is no easy way to make money online. Using duplicate content will lead to an absolute failure, because Google has strict rules regarding this issue. Better less and of higher quality than more and of doubtful quality.2.       Don’t click your own ads…… thinking that Google won’t figure it out. Even if sometimes the intense desire of making money online may give you ideas that are against Google’s TOS.3.       Don’t stopYou won’t make money online in a few weeks. To see some tangible results, you may have to wait a year or even more, depending on the time you are willing to invest in making money online. But no matter what, don’t stop adding new content every now and then.The bottom line is that any content management system, and when I say content I mean quality, unique content, has a tremendous potential to make money online with AdSense. Since the service has been released, it managed to maintain itself at the top of the ad serving industry.


Because many industries have been shut down or are on the brink of financial collapse, people are more and more interested in making money online. One of the best paying ways  of making money online is to use Google AdSense. But remember that things are not as easy as they may first appear. You need to apply some standard rules and “keep up the good work’.

Robert Gombos

Robert Gombos

Robert Gombos has 15+ years of successful Marketing experience in the software and Internet industries. Combined with BS/MS studies.