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Is Yahoo Directory worth $299 per listing?

What is Yahoo Directory?

Yahoo Directory is a paid service in which users submit their website to appear in a directory. It is considered one of the top site submission services today and is a major authority listing. The directory works by “suggesting” submitted websites to visitors, based on category or niche. Each year, webmasters interested in the service must pay $299 to have their site listed. This service is separate from the search engine, but can contribute to the value and potential of your website.

Benefits of Yahoo Directory

In today’s competitive search engines, getting ranked at higher positions requires authority links contributing to your website. Yahoo Directory offers one such service that can contribute to the performance and popularity of your website.

First, the Yahoo Directory service aids in ranking in the Yahoo search engine, which is one of the top search engines. Higher rankings in Yahoo can lead to increased amount of visitors and increased site authority.

When submitting a site to the Yahoo Directory, your website is categorized and classified based on its content. This aids other engines in determining what type of website you have, thus leading to higher rankings and traffic. Your site will consequently be listed with similar sites in other directories, thus drawing targeted visitors to your site.

The Yahoo Directory is one of the most authoritative and reputable directories online. When being listed by other search engines and directories, your site will have increased authority, directly resulting from the listing in Yahoo Directory. It provides power linking and establishes your site as reputable. Overall, this service provides traffic, higher rankings, and greater authority for your website.

Drawbacks of Yahoo Directory

At $299 a year, the Yahoo Directory service can be quite expensive for some websites. While the service provides authority, it only provides one link, compared to many links that can be purchased at the same price, but from other places.

For smaller websites, other services would be more cost efficient than a Yahoo Directory listing. In addition, the directory service submission only remains for one year. So, you will only be receiving benefits from it for one year, after which you must shell out another hefty $299. Again, the Yahoo Directory is valuable, but its effects are limited.

In addition, the directory does not provide large volumes of traffic that will vault your website into top spot rankings and viral popularity. This service mainly provides a steady stream of targeted viewers based on the classification of your website. It is unlikely that this source alone will result in top rankings in all search engines and listings in all directories.

Final Review

Overall, the Yahoo Directory is a great service, but only for some websites. This directory is perfect for larger, more developed websites that have already gained some authority and can afford the $299. On the other hand, the service is not recommended for smaller websites that have recently started. The price may be too costly and will not provide the bang for your buck that other services will. In summary, Yahoo Directory is ideal for more authoritative websites only.


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