The Importance of Gas Detection Systems

Author: Robert Gombos

If you are working in an industry that involves potential exposure to gases, then you should already understand the importance of gas leak detection systems and the huge role they play in keeping employees safe and out of harm. There is nothing scarier than the thought of a possible explosion due to the leaking of combustible gases. In the unfortunate event of a dangerous gas leak, gas detection systems can save lives.

Many dangerous gases are odourless, colourless, and undetectable to the human senses without the help of sensitive equipment. Gas detection systems are lifesaving equipment for protecting a workplace from danger. Detection and monitoring are essential where utility environments and chemical production industries produce gases, in the manufacturing of gas products or liquids, or gases transported through pipelines. Even gases that are considered non-hazardous like Oxygen, can become concentrated in amounts that would exceed the environmental safety levels. Here is our helpful guide on the importance of gas detection systems.

What are Gas Detection Systems? 

Gas detectors will identify any dangerous and harmful gas leaks which will trigger an alarm allowing you to take measures before it becomes harmful to employees, the environment, and your assets. Gas detection instruments are semi portable or portable fixed installed gas detection systems or gas measuring instruments. They perform an important part in protecting users from the effects of ill health, fire, or an explosion. They are available in various shapes, styles, sizes, and types but all the same purposes. These type of safety systems are always a critical component in any workplace to maintain safety and to comply with the regulation standards.

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Combustible or flammable gas hazards 

Many gases used in commercial and manufacturing settings are highly flammable or combustible which means they can represent an explosion or fire threat if they come into contact with catalyst chemicals, fire, heat, or electricity. Some of these are undetectable to the human smell. Flammable gases become a dangerous situation that could endanger employees and the workplace if undetected. Gas detection systems will help to quickly identify the presence of hazards such as gases and give the workplace an early warning to evacuate and leave the situation safely.

Inhalation Hazards 

Installing gas detectors in the workplace will protect employees from inhalation hazards. If the common industrial gases used in manufacturing are inhaled, then this could cause serious harm to the human body. E.g. chlorine gas is commonly used in many manufacturing processes, if inhaled, it is very harmful to the body and could cause death or permanent damage even with very little exposure. Carbon monoxide is another very dangerous gas to the human body and can be fatal if inhaled. It is odourless and colourless, making it undetectable by the human senses. A gas detector will identify its presence and could potentially save many lives.

Asphyxiant Hazards 

Asphyxiant is another gas hazard common in some workplaces. Asphyxia is also known as suffocation. Asphyxia happens when sufficient oxygen isn’t available so you are unable to breathe, this can happen for many reasons such as combustion using the oxygen in a confined space which would result in low oxygen levels. If an employee entered this room and space, they could render unconscious and this can be potentially fatal if they are not moved into another room swiftly. Gas detection systems are vital in your workspace to keep everyone safe from harmful gases and even death.

Protect your employees 

Investing in multiple or single gas detectors, once you maintain them properly, will protect your staff from oxygen deficiency or inhaling toxic gases. It should always be a high priority to keep your workers safe. Oxygen concentration levels should be checked on a regular basis. Understanding the standards for safe exposure and ppm hazards will help you in the maintenance of all devices in the workplace.

The workplace is monitored continuously 

Fitted gas detection systems will allow you to monitor all the areas of the workplace 24/7, continuously. If there is an area left unmanned, then this section can still be monitored so if the area became unsafe, you can warn other personnel before entering the room. Detecting gases in time and advance will lower the safety risks on the job.

A safer workplace 

It is required by law to have a gas monitoring system in place for any industrial environment settings where toxic gases are produced. Trained technicians inspect these systems in the facility. Gas detection systems are your protection program in the workplace and will save you money in the long term. Having a system in place may also lower your insurance costs.

Cost Effective

While efficiency and safety are major factors to consider when looking for a gas detection system, the cost is a concern too. Gas detection systems can reduce your maintenance costs, improve reliability, and eradicate any problems.

Reduction in Losses 

Maintaining your detectors properly will reduce the gas-related risks and issues in your business. A Gas tends to stay in caverns and holes and can dominantly lay for a long time. In any situation that is high risk, gases can combust t at any stage which can cause fire or explosion damage. Any damages that are caused to your premises and business will delay the productivity of your finances for many months. Productivity will decrease significantly such as the loss of employees, which would cause a decline in a lot of earnings in the long term. Maintaining your detectors on a regular basis will help reduce your losses to the business.

Operations will run smoother 

Gas detectors that are maintained correctly will help you understand your workplace better and will allow you to plan ahead using the regulations and proper equipment, this will ensure your operation will run smoothly, reduce downtime and improve productivity. Any device that is run in real-time will enable safety managers to respond to gas related issues more efficiently and quicker. These devices will also increase threat visibility.

Working in facilities that contain gas can be harmful to one’s health if you are exposed. It is crucial you protect your employees and make the working environment safe for them. Gas detection systems are designed specifically to alert you of any dangerous and toxic gases in the area. Modern detection systems are dependable, safe, reliable, and accurate. Gas detectors are required by industry best regulations and practices. These are the only devices that will detect and identify leaks and threats in the workplace. They are critical for the detection of oxygen deficiency, toxic gases, and potential explosives which may have leaked into the air. Without these detectors, you and your employees are exposed to the risk of toxic gases which could cause serious harm to your employee’s mind and body or even could cause death.