Some of you may have heard about Tribal Fusion while digging around for online money making techniques and website monetization ideas. Indeed, Tribal Fusion is one of the best alternatives a webmaster can use in conjunction with AdSense, although don’t expect to come anywhere close to AdSense earnings. As I already said, while you make money using Adsense you can make money with Tribal Fusion, too.

Tribal Fusion: money making alternative for websites that have 15k+ unique visitors/day.

Tribal Fusion rises above other ad networks by asking publishers to meet some criteria:

  • A minimum of 15k unique visitors per day
  • Quality, regularly updated content
  • An attractive site design
  • Its own top-level domain URL (no .blogspot, .wordpress and so on)
  • Publicly stated user privacy

Now, if you ask me, you have to own a mature website to be eligible for acceptance. Once again, online business amateurs cannot make money online with Tribal Fusion but they still have other money making available. This is a big paradox, which I won’t understand ever: the bigger and the older your business (aka. website) is, the more opportunities to make money you have as if the youngsters don’t have to earn a living. But hey, welcome to the jungle.Now, let’s get back to our subject. Once you meet all of the above regulations, go and create a publisher account. You’ll be asked to submit your website’s main page and Tribal Fusion will provide you with a tracking code in order to check the number of unique visitors you have. If everything is fine, you will be assigned with a personal representative (they’re very friendly and helpful) who will assist you if you need a short training. I found this type of customer care service very appealing and attractive.Once you’ve become familiar with the usage of the available publisher tools, it’s time to create your ads and make some money out of them. Remember, the beautiful part is that you can use both AdSense and Tribal Fusion on the same page.After you decide what kind of ads to enable for your website(s) (you will want to disable PopUnders and PopUps because abusing them means losing your returning visitors (Problogger has an excellent articles about this subject) and this is not something that you’d want when you need to make money online).Tribal Fusion enabled all major ad sizes, as you can see in the image bellow:

Tribal Fusion available formats.

Tribal Fusion available formats.

Ad placement

Every time you use anything else in conjunction with AdSense you need to pay attention where you place the non-AdSense ads, in our case the Tribal Fusion ones. You don’t want to earn 5 cents for a Tribal Fusion click and lose the 50 cents you’d get for a click on an AdSense ad. Yup, that’s right: the money you make out of Tribal Fusion can’t come even close to the money you make out of AdSense.So, I’d suggest you to place the Tribal Fusion ads in those “blind spots” of your website where the visitors can’t see any Adsense ad.A good idea is the bottom and the sidebar of your website, while the middle and top spaces will be populated by Adsense ads. This way, you can make more money using the two, compared to the individual usage of any of them.I think that Tribal Fusion allows you to place up to 3 ad blocks on any page, but again, be cautious, because having too much (obvious) advertising on a page will make your website look like a Christmas tree and finally you’ll lose visitors.The Tribal Fusion code, looks similar to this one:<script type="text/javascript"><!--e9 = new Object();e9.size = "728x90,468x60";//--></script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>… where “YourSite” is usually your website’s name.You can make money using Tribal Fusion in two ways: being paid per click and being paid per impressions, and you can easily generate any kind of metrics you’re interested in:

Available stats.

Available stats.

It is good to know that Tribal Fusion’s eCPM is very country targeted, thus they won’t pay you a dime for visitors from specific 3rd world countries. To maximize your website’s money making potential you can enable an IP or referral based Ad serving, so if your visitors come from countries with very low level of interest for advertisers, you can use that traffic to make money online by trying to use affiliate marketing, for example.

The bottom line

While using AdSense is still the best way to monetize a (large) content based website, you can make some extra cash as well with Tribal Fusion. Don’t expect to make a lot of money using Tribal Fusion. You have more chances to succeed in your online money making journey by having both ad networks on your side.


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