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Ideas for a Good Company Website

Attracting possible investors to a website is possible by creating an investor-friendly web presence. This presence enables investors to get an initial feel for the value of the company and understand whether there could be a potential for compatibility.

Investors don’t invest in companies that don’t have a creative and remarkable website—something that stands out and truly catches their eye. In addition, the website should be able to allude to a certain narrative and story in order for an investor to gain some insight into the company without having to go above and beyond to figure out the details of their business. Investors usually like a company website that tells its qualitative and quantitative aspects concisely in a comprehensive report like www.marketbeat.com and their Apple earnings date.

A startup’s app and website are the real faces of an organization. It’s the place where investors and buyers check the company’s reputation and services provided by a company.

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There are many factors and ideas that make a company website attractive to investors. Here are some ideas which investors frequently demand on certain websites.

Having Social Proof

An attractive website should display its previous and current potential buyers to show market achievements to the investors. This could be done by adding logos of prominent and well-known customers, highlighting partnerships with top companies, and displaying revenue prominently. Through providing numerous social proofs it enables the investors to gain an understanding of the value of the company in addition to the demand and interest of other competitors and suitors.

The Value Proposition of the Company

Investors usually demand solid reasons to invest in a company. Making a website that clearly shows its objectives and values that the customers and investors don’t have to find will attract more buyers. The value proposition should be displayed prominently and plainly on the website. It could also be done by preparing an about section having website properties and the company’s details. The about us section and links to other company social media handles demonstrate other aspects of the company and provides more insight into who the potential customers of the business are.

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Branding Standards for Layout and Messaging

The colorful layouts should have an esthetically positive effect on the investor’s mind. Every page of the website should correlate with other pages having the same color and theme scheme. Having different colors on the website could be misleading and take away from what the company represents and wishes to exemplify. Through creating consistency across the website and social media platforms it demonstrates reliability and a clean structure. This will put the essence of buyers’ ideas that your company can deliver sufficient information and trustworthiness to its visitors.

Having Lead Capture

Many lead capture systems could be installed on the website to attract more investors. The top and cutting-edge companies have startups that prominently show themselves an established brand with various modern lead capture systems. Adding subscriptions to ongoing content, lightboxes with signup forms, and another triggering system could be beneficial.

An Impressive and Creative Design

The most effective way to engage potential investors is by designing a unique and modern website. The font styles and creativity selected for the website show the potential and enthusiasm of the company. The lively, energetic, and fun-loving brand or company chooses unique and creative styles for their website. The best website must have simple easy-to-read sentences, no excessive use of graphics, bulleted icons and thumbnails, and custom animations. The homepage of the Deziner Folio blog is a good example of this.

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An Efficient Team

Some investors give a lot of attention to founders and team members of the companies. Having a diverse and diligent-looking team attracts VCs in specific domains. The excellent website must show its brightest and experienced people prominently on its website to ensure the worthiness of the company.

Interactive Content and Media

Another way to catch the eyes of the investors is to flex the media muscles of the company. The website must be visually exciting, and this method increases the engagement of customers. Startup strategies marketing should have a video displayed on the portfolio to enhance brand loyalty. Having an appealing video showing product demo, customer animated services, and other relevant content also helps educate the investors about the company more clearly.


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