As a blogger, the good thing is you’ve got a wide variety of options at your disposal to make money online. My favorite methods of online money making are through affiliate marketing, site advertising and building a brand for myself.Here is a full run-down on some of the top methods to make money with your blog:

Private Ad Sales / Banner ad campaigns

The most obvious and well known way of generating income online in general, is selling banner ad space on the web site or blog. In the early days, it had been all about the 468×60 banners, however banners are available in every size, and we often see the 125×125 ad spots selling of all blogs.Selling your own banner ad space on a blog is a good way for making recurring supply of revenue month after month.

Make money via banner ads

As a blogger, the good thing is you've got a wide variety of options at your disposal to make money online.


Internet affiliate marketing

Making money using your blog via internet affiliate marketing may come in many forms. You can place banners on your blog, create text links, as well as write articles in regards to a specific topic of great interest. In all of these scenarios, affiliate marketing techniques can be employed.The end result is, you’re setting up links on your blog, and getting paid a commission each time a specific action (remember from earlier chapters CPC, CPA…) happens regarding those link

Contextual Advertising

Not all text ads are created equal, especially on a blog. Like a blog owner, you can link to numerous web sites, products or services using affiliate links. Any sales resulting from clicks to those sites will result in a commission.There’s also many marketing and advertising agencies that want to place paid text link advertising on web sites and blogs. While this is generally frowned upon by Google, (because it’s a paid method of gaining back links) many of these text link ads are still generating millions of dollars.

Creating Your Own Product

Possibly one of the best long term and profitable solutions for any blog is to inform and promote a product of your own! With your own product, not just have you been creating a brand, but also you are keeping all of the profit. This is one of the most common ways the “big guys” embrace to make money online.When you are able to create your own product, you will find the world of affiliate marketing open to help market that product.

Membership Driven

It’s difficult to find anything better than month after month residual income found having a paid membership website/ blog, however the process of creating a paid membership is very tough. When designing a blog that you anticipate readers to pay for, you have to create and offer something original that provides real value to your readers.Once a blogger puts in the hard work of establishing a real value to their readers and is able to successfully produce a pain membership program, you can expect to see earnings jump ten fold, and today on a monthly recurring basis.

Blog Reviews

Writing reviews on your blog is an excellent method to generate extra revenue. When writing a review, you have the option to write about any product, site or service, and you can link towards the offer with an affiliate program, earning a commission on any sales. Another alternative is “paid reviews’, in which you simply do a review on a blog or web site for any set price.Make certain to follow all “disclosure” policies when writing paid reviews, and try to be truthful. Don’t jeopardize your brand by recommending something you haven’t personally experienced. Even paid reviews can be under stellar, maintain your integrity at all times.


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