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How to gain new customers through blogging: Step By Step Tutorial

There is much that Professional Blogging can offer in terms of new customers and increased sales of your products or services. This is a highly untapped resource that is generally free and can produce results which are outstandingly high.

Blogs and Blogging sites are designed to allow others to put out their views and insight on their daily lives and create updated content based on their experiences. What this means for advertisers is free or virtually zero cost advertising when done correctly.

Using Blog websites to your advantage is one of the tricky things to figure out on your own. If you are inexperienced in Blog writing, then you may wish to hire a Blogger to write reviews of your products for you. It is important to choose a popular Blog and niche to market your products or services effectively. Otherwise, creating content yourself should be generally simple.

Try to focus on your company more so than the products you offer to allow your consumers to connect to your company’s Blog through emotion, instead of thinking you’re showing them an elaborate advertisement.

Making use of Blogs and Blogging Websites is rather simple when you follow some simple steps. Make sure to make your own decisions when following these steps as deviations may result in increased traffic and customers based on your specific products or services.

For Self Advertisers and Company Owners, there is a basic outline to follow:

The first step towards advertising your own company and products is researching the niche that your product or service falls into on other Blogs. This is crucial to learning techniques that other companies and Bloggers are using towards marketing products and services towards the consumer. Take this research period time to make an outline of your strategy to execute for your future Blogging site.

Strategy is a very large part of your Blog advertising agenda. Taking the time to complete a detailed strategy or work plan will reduce mistakes in your advertising and marketing venture. Make a checklist of all of the things you wish to complete as well as setting a timeframe to work into. Make and set realistic goals, because overnight success through viral marketing is rare with Blog sites. Remember that success in Blogging is proportionate to the amount of real work you put into it.

Determine whether you wish to advertise your products or market your company. This is one of the critical decisions to make when starting a Blog for business purposes. On one hand, advertising your products gives you some direct sales, but over time sales will diminish when the Blogs become old news. Blogs are designed to give news updates to those who are interested and subscribed to your Blog posts.

A simple way to keep readers interested in your products is actually marketing your company instead. Keeping readers updated on current events and affairs with your company is much more entertaining than viewing an advertisement. This is a simple way to get new customers through the networking aspect of Blogging websites.

Telling people about the problems you are solving in their lives with your company’s vision and work will really get them interested in your company, many will follow any links you have to your main company website. Business works better this way because you form lasting bonds with your consumers, making them more likely to be returning customers.

Next on successfully routing new customers through your Blog is actually choosing Blog topics that are interesting to both readers who are subscribed and new readers who will subscribe. Your Blogs should focus on a single product or service and what these products or services could do to solve your reader’s problems. Focusing on one product or service per Blog post gives readers variety, and allows you to post a new topic every update.

This lets you spread out your products or services over time and allows for updates on older products for future Blog posts. When focusing on marketing your company, try showing interest in the community and post Blogs about what you are doing for the community.

Playing an empathic role in people’s lives really sells well with your consumers. The idea is to connect well with your customers to make your marketing more effective.

Finally, making sure you have the right keywords and tags for your Blog posts allows for your readers to find you. Learn about all of your competition’s key word usage, learn the popular tags that people use that are associated with the products and services that you offer and incorporate them into your Blog posts. Taking the time to create relevant posts with creative topic headlines and a diverse set of keywords and tags that do not flood the Blog posts is the main purpose of this step.

Simple Suggestions for Commissioned Advertising or Reviewers:

Setting a price is one of the things that both reviewers and the business owners can do. A price that is suitable to charge or pay for the amount of writing that will be done. Being fair with your price is one of the main business practices that should always be followed in this business.

One way to figure out charges for reviewers is by the amount of viewers they have on a daily basis. Reviews done on Blogs with thousands of views daily are going to be much more desirable than those with one hundred at most. This is a scenario where paying more for the review would generally be acceptable because it has many more viewers in the long run.

Another major concern is the ability of the writer to review or market your products. You do not want to be paying premium prices for some reviews or advertising of your products when a writer has less than average writing skills.

Asking for a preliminary review or trial advertisement from a writer to gauge their ability to write a concise and relevant post about your products or services is a great way to weed out bad writers from your pool of options.

This is something that writers should look into as well. The better skilled a writer is at presenting the advertisement or reviews, the more they can charge for their services, while having much more options available towards making money from orders set by companies.

Processing such written orders in a timely manner is also a major driving force in this industry, as these Blog content writers are expected to produce results as soon as possible. If writers are not able to provide such content in a timely manner, this may reduce risks of losing work or having a bad reputation amongst companies that provide such opportunities.

The Advantages of Blog Advertising are very evident and have much more power over other types of advertising. Utilizing the power of Blogging allows your company to connect with your consumers. Text based advertising and other form of forced clicked advertising really pushes away potential customers. When marketing with Blogging sites and providing relevant information on your products and services in an efficient manner, you allow for more customers to choose your products because they want to.

Simply encouraging your potential consumers to use your products through several different means will yield higher amounts of true traffic to your websites. This means more sales to people who actually need your products or services to solve their problems.


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