Finding Your Customers With Blog Advertising

Author: Robert Gombos

It has been said that the best way to advertise to your clients is to engage them in a conversation. However, that isn’t possible unless you know what you customers are talking about. Many advertising firms will try and identify your ‘target customer’, and there is a good chance you’ve already done something along these lines. However, if you have a pretty good idea of what your customer is like, you might want to consider advertising where they read about their interests from fellow enthusiasts or like minded people. Blog advertising is a great way to advertise to your customers right where they spend a large chunk of contemplative time, and one of the best advantages to this kind of advertising is that there is content geared to just about any possible market. There are blogs about tiny niche interests such as favorite cereals or milkshake flavors.Although these examples are somewhat extreme, consider that if there are blogs about tiny segments like this, then most markets will see significantly more readers that are keenly interested in exactly what your company offers. Consider, for example, that there are thousands of car enthusiast sites, from classic antique cars to modern hot rods and everything in between. A company with products and services in this market would find plenty of places to advertise no matter how specialized and targeted their service might be.So while the question of being able to find where your market hangs out online might not be that difficult, correctly understanding your market might be. In the aforementioned example, not all car related businesses will appeal to every auto enthusiast blogs’ readers. A company that offers custom media car installations might not find much traction among blog readers who are primarily interested in classic, unmodified cars. While all related markets may experience some spillover, it is more likely better to spend the blog advertising dollar on the core market first before branching out into other markets.But one thing that marketers do often ignore is ‘similar’ markets. This means that readers of one type of blog may actually cross over into another, seemingly unrelated type of blog. This type of crossover is readily visible on television, where beer and car makers advertise on sporting events and makeup manufacturers advertise on Oprah. They are aware of the demographics of those markets, and feel that the makeup of the audience to those types of shows encompasses a lot of their market, as well.This can also be done with blogs. Consider that the same advertisers we just discussed, such as car manufacturers, also advertise on sports related websites. It stands to reason that they would consider readers of a Philadelphia Eagles or New York Yankees blog to also be their market. This works for the large companies and it is something you should be looking to do with your business, regardless of size. Blog advertising is a way to repeat what major advertisers are doing on television on a smaller, and more accurately targeted, scale.