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Features of Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels produce energy by absorbing the sun’s rays. However, dirt, pollen, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris can block the rays and reduce efficiency.

Rain keeps panels clean, but manual cleaning might be required if there is a buildup. Manufacturers recommend one to four times per year.

Battery Replacement

If your solar panels have batteries, you must replace them every few years. A battery is a type of cell that converts chemical energy to supply electricity.

A battery consists of an anode (negative plate) and a cathode (positive plate). It is often immersed in an electrolyte that allows ions to shuttle between the two electrodes.

Batteries are rated in terms of capacity to provide power, usually expressed as watt-hours or kilowatt-hours. It is based on how often lithium ions can shuttle back and forth between the two electrodes over a set amount of time.

Debris Removal

Dirt and debris can significantly reduce the output of your solar panels. The energy you lose largely depends on the type and extent of dirt and debris.

However, ensuring that your solar panels are clean can eliminate most of these effects. Regular cleaning will keep your solar system performing optimally and generating electricity for you and your family.

Debris and dust collect on your solar panels, especially in areas prone to storms or extended periods without rainfall. This debris will likely be fine with your panels, but it can prevent the sun’s rays from hitting them, lowering their efficiency.

Solar panel maintenance includes removing debris from the panels, especially branches, and leaves that can block sunlight. It’s also advisable to wash the panels if there’s a significant accumulation of dirt or dust. 

Keeping your solar panels clean is easy and inexpensive. Clean them from time to time, particularly after heavy rains.

Inverter Cleaning

Solar panels are prone to grime buildup and must be cleaned often. The best time to clean them is dawn or dusk when the surface is more remarkable.

Solar panel cleaning can be done with soapy water or a mild detergent. Use a soft brush or sponge when applying the detergent to avoid damaging or marking the glass panels.

The cleaning method should be appropriate for the type of panels you have and their design. For example, frameless panels do not have aluminum rods that catch and collect dirt and grime, so they require less cleaning than traditional solar panels.

Inverter Inspection

A solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day via photovoltaic (PV) cells ordered in arrays for optimal performance. These cells produce direct current (DC) that can be used to power DC appliances and circuits until it’s transformed into alternating current (AC) by an inverter.

Inverters are the heart of every solar PV system. They must function safely and adequately with high-quality components to ensure long service life and a stable, reliable system. In addition, it requires careful handling of varying voltages, extreme temperatures, and environmental stresses such as humidity and dust.

When a solar installer completes the installation, they should carry out tests such as yield test, remote activation, remote deactivation, and regulation of reactive power to spot any problems before they become severe later. Moreover, they should ensure the wiring is securely connected, and programming is done according to manufacturer SOPs.


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