The Cost of Gaining a Higher Education

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The cost of gaining a higher education continues to rise and rise. The average Bachelor’s degree costs a student $10,000 to $30,000 in public and private colleges accordingly. That is just the average, costs can go much higher.

Unfortunately, that is just one 4 year degree, and to get a good education the modern professional will need higher degrees, or multiple degrees, to stand out in the workforce and get a good job. But how do you pay off those student loans?

The Problem – How to Pay Off Student Loans

The problem is that unfortunately as the cost of education and the cost of living continues to rise dramatically. Pay scales, however, are leveling off as more and more qualified candidate’s graduate college and enter the workforce. In fact, the average professional with a 4-year degree makes less than $50,000 a year, before taxes. How can you pay off student loans at that salary? This is another reason that people get multiple degrees or pursue Master’s degrees or higher degrees, to get ahead in their professional life.

The problem is, at $10,000 or more per year before books and living expenses, the modern student often has to take out multiple student loans. But how do you pay off student loans? How do you pay for the education that is supposed to help you get ahead in life? Those loans don’t go away quickly, they take years to pay off and for the first years of the loan you pay more on the interest than you do the principal. It gets harder and harder to afford to live at $45,000 a year let alone pay off 2 or 3 student loans, month after month after month.


This is where student loan consolidation can make a huge difference for anyone struggling to pay off their student loans. Student loan consolidations can mean the difference between defaulting on loans and causing many problems in life and being able to afford a reasonable quality of life. Even if smaller payments would simply make life easier, student loan consolidations can help.

Student Loan Consolidation

The process is really pretty basic and simple, even if it seems confusing and overwhelming. Student consolidation loans are just that, they consolidate multiple student loans into one loan. This does not mean that you are refinancing or extending loans, it simply means that you are combining the loans to make them more manageable. Student loan consolidation answers the question of how to pay off student loans and still afford a decent quality of life. By consolidating several loans into one you gain a number of potential benefits including:

  • Loans and payments are more manageable, as there is one instead of several to keep track of
  • Reduce interest rates by getting a better rate during consolidation on one, multiple or all of your loans
  • Reduce your overall monthly payment when you combine payments and eliminate the possibility of multiple payments or differing interest rate acceleration
  • Get the co-signer off your loan

Student loan consolidation is a simplifying process that allows you to focus more on your career and life and less on keeping track of, keeping up with and paying off loans. After all, that is one reason people get a degree in the first place, to enter the workforce as a professional so they can afford a better quality of life and worry less about money, not more about money.


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