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Content Ideas for Your Digital Sign Displays 

Digital signs give you an incredible opportunity to engage with your audience some educational, informative, and entertaining content. They are a great tool used in the marketing world to increase user communication and engagement. Digital signage is the future of advertising.

They offer several benefits for companies in promoting their services and products. It is crucial to present the right content on these screens to grab people’s attention and engage with them.

Displaying highly relevant and high-quality content is a must. Displaying content that is engaging on these displays provides higher growth, enhances impulse purchases, and helps boost user engagement. With this in mind, here is our guide on great content ideas for your digital sign displays.

Digital Campaigns and Promotions 

Digital signs are modern displays that present content with more vibrancy. They are the best for running any in store advertising to keep the customer informed about any offers, discounts, and promotions in store through impressive graphics on a screen.

Whether it is buy-one-get-one-free, 50% off in store, or offering free delivery with every order, the consumer loves a promotional offer. The final trigger for when a customer is buying a product is a promotion.

Research has shown that 77% of shoppers claim discounts have influenced where they shop and almost half 48% admit a discount has sped up a purchasing decision. Discounts displayed on a screen in store will attract new customers, build customer loyalty, and drive traffic to your business.

The promotions will be very clear and visible which will save the customer time searching for a bargain. With digital signs, you can schedule campaign content and promotions. Promotional content can be designed and planned in advance and scheduled to be presented on a screen when it is necessary.

Customers appreciate your values, but they also love real value and making a saving. Research has found 1 in 5 customers impulse buy after seeing a promotion advertised on a digital sign. We recommend using a reputable company such as Think Digital Signage to get the very best out of this type of digital advertisements investment.

Video Content 

Content through a video is an unapparelled idea for advertising through digital screens. Research has shown that 64-68% of viewers are more than likely to buy a product after watching a video. Using video content can increase your conversion rate and drive-up interaction. A video will grab people’s attention. Your videos can demonstrate a marketing campaign or show a product or service in use.

There are so many possibilities. You can add a you tube widget to your digital sign to project content straight from your social media.

Customise your video content to suit your business goals and the product or service you are advertising. When making video content, it is important to be aware of the video length and the exposure time. The video must communicate your brand in a few seconds. Videos can be extended to increase exposure time.

Social Media 

Social media is one of the most online activities with over 4.14 billion people using social media worldwide, this is evidence that people are attracted to what they see on social media platforms. Digitally displaying your social media content is giving people what they want to see. As a brand, you can extend the reach of social media marketing campaigns and product advertisements.

A valuable use of social media content in advertising is displaying customer reviews. 92% of customers considered online reviews when considering a purchase and 72% of customers said positive reviews increased their trust in the business.

PRO SEO Dublin state that Positive reviews displayed on the digital signs can boost both sales and brand trust. A live feed of your social media account can be displayed on the digital screen with hashtag search revealing real time customer reviews and images of your product or service. It is engaging content allowing you to increase your awareness and encourage people to connect with the advertised brand, service, or product on multiple platforms.

Digital Screens Displaying QR Codes 

QR codes have revolutionized contactless communication. Between 2018-2019, there was a 26% growth in QR interactions and a 28% growth in QR reach. These figures show an increase in people scanning QR codes.

QR codes are a great advertisement tool for digital advertising screens. As the digital world evolves and changes, people want quicker and better communication. QR codes provide this and give details and information on a product or service in seconds.

A QR code can take a potential customer to a business number, social media page, landing page or website, a particular product or service, or even a loyalty program. Due to the quality of the digital screen, QR codes will remain sharp and clear for scanning through their live period. This type of activity can boost the success of your advertising campaign.

Interactive Digital Advertising Content 

Digital displays can also be used as another form of communication. Interactive screens can increase conversion rates and drive-up consumer sales. Digital kiosks and touch screen LCD advertising screens provide innovative ways to advertise a product, service, and a brand.

Quizzes and polls featured on these digital screens are a great way to increase user engagement with your brand. The quizzes and polls could ask: what do you use this product for? Or what does this product do?, these questions will encourage the user to tap on the screen and answer the question.

This activity provides your business with the metrics to measure against your goals for the company and also promotes the service and products you provide. Another touch screen and interactive feature could be a catalogue advertising the product and service. The catalogue could display pictures of specific products which the consumer can click on for further detail of the product or the whole product collection to browse through.

You are giving the customer full control of their buying experience. Interactive digital signs must involve your audience and requires being creative. Interactive content will increase your brand awareness, your sales, and your brand recognition.

Displaying content on digital sign displays enhances impulse purchases, provides higher growth, greater satisfaction, and helps boost user engagement. Digital signs are an impressive marketing tool that can heighten the quality of content that is displayed on them.

These attractive and creative displays can catch the audience’s attention in just a few seconds with their content layout and vibrancy. Digital signs allow you to display a combination of videos, words, and pictures, therefore strongly influencing the customer’s purchase decisions.


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