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Conquering The Driving Test, The First Time


We all look forward to driving, especially when it’s our first time. If you are a teenager, you probably can’t wait to get that driving license so that you can finally get the chance to drive your own car (if you already have one) and impress your friends.

If you are already an adult, and for some reason, you are preparing for the driving test, for you, it’s all about freedom and being able to carry your own weight around. You don’t have to rely on your family, friends, or neighbors giving you a ride every now and then, or even taking the bus. I want you to enjoy the freedom that comes with possessing a valid driving license and that’s why I’ve prepared a few tips to help you ace that driving test. Check them out.

To Thine Own Self Be True

Driving tests are unique to the state you come from. The state you reside will determine where you’ll take the driving test. The requirements for passing a driving test in one state won’t necessarily be the same requirements for another state. The first thing you want to do is be familiar with what it takes for you to pass the driving test in your state. It is okay to do some research online and learn a thing or two, but the general information you’ll acquire from Google will only help you pass somewhere from 30% to 50% of what will be required of you during your driving test. If you are going to search for tips from Google, remember to be specific and search for results that apply to the state you come from. The more specific you are, the higher the chances are that you’ll get tips and tricks that are relevant to the actual driving test you’ll be taking.

Driving Test Simulators

Thanks to the magic and wonders of technology, there are driving simulators that can help you get a feel for what it will be like taking the actual driving test, but without consequences. Driving simulators and driving test simulators are software that simulate the driving experience as well as the driving test itself. The difference between the driving simulator and the driving test simulator is that the former only simulates the driving experience without the pressure of being careful to pass a test while the latter has been designed to specifically assess your driving skills.

The driving test simulator is what you want to pay the most attention to. It will help you practice for the actual driving test, the only difference being that when you hit someone or somehow crash into a house, there won’t be any consequences. You can just start again. However, use it as a means to perfect your driving skills as much as possible. The only difference between the simulator and the actual driving test is that the actual driving test will involve real things that won’t necessarily regenerate when you start over. In the real test, even your own life will be at risk. The simulator will help you minimize this risk significantly, and also help you pass the test so that you can go on the road trips you’ve been planning for years

Furthermore, the driving test doesn’t just involve driving the actual car and passing some drills. You will also be required to take some theoretical exams since it’s not possible for you to be placed in all the situations you’ll ever be in on the road during the practical driving test. If you don’t like reading, you’ll have to swallow your pride and take that manual and go through it. If you want to pass that test, it’s the only way. The biggest risk driving has is the lives of people. Yeah, a few million dollar vehicles may get ruined beyond recognition, but another car can always be bought, and there is insurance. But no matter how much life insurance you have, once a life is lost, there is no replacement for that. That’s why the driving manuals you’ll need to go through during a driving test can be uncomfortably big. It’s to ensure that you understand as many road signs and rules as possible to save lives and ascertain that you reach your beach party in one peace and with peace of mind. So don’t take it lightly.

There are online websites that provide practice tests for these theoretical driving exams. They are the equivalent of the driving simulator discussed earlier. Make use of these sites to familiarize yourself with as many driving signs and rules are possible. Remember to look for tests that are specific to your state and country. In some countries, the left side of the road is the wrong side to drive, while in others, driving on the right side of the road is considered an offense. It’s best to go through the driving test manual between the time you receive it and two weeks before the actual exams. The last two weeks before the actual exam should be spent revising and reinforcing what you have already learned.

Prepare for the Driving Test by Actually Driving

If you have a car at your disposal, after you’ve had enough fun on the driving test simulator, ask a professional driver (could be your Mom, Dad, big Bro or Sis, or some other responsible adult who’s had a few years of driving experience) to accompany you with the car so that you can practice driving on actual roads. Pick roads that are mostly deserted, secluded, private, and with little to no traffic. Do this before taking the actual exam, preferably a month before the actual exam. With enough practice, you should pass the actual practical driving exam with flying colors.

If you feel you need more tips and tricks, feel free to do more research. Be that as it may, even with just these few solid tips, you should be able to pass that exam, and you will. See you on the road.


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