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Bloggers are deciding to work with companies like Google

Google has created a massive infrastructure and network tailored towards attracting advertising with content. Combining Google and blog advertising make great sense; so much so, that Google has called its vehicle for advertising AdSense. Using this tool and other blogging techniques can generate valuable revenue.The term “blog” is an abbreviated version of “Web log”. It provides news, information and a communication forum for different ideas, concepts and opinions. Blogging has exploded in popularity. Technorati, an open source blog search engine, reported in its State of the Blogosphere 2008 that 95% of the top 100 newspapers have blog reporters. The comScore MediaMetrix firm estimated 77.7 million unique U.S. blog visitors in its August 2008 report. Blogging is a great communication platform. It has the potential to assist many newspapers in moving from “static brick-and-mortar journalism” to a more “vibrant continually updated information medium”.Gradually, part-time writers are seeking to turn blogging into a full-time career. They must pay for their Web pages and Internet connections. Thus, they have considered ways to generate advertising revenue.A blog page is organized around individual posts, with the most recent information at the top and front. It allows for participation, comments and feedback.”Content is king”. Television is a box offering “free” content. Its shows are paid for by advertising. The blogger is attempting to build on this same model.Bloggers are deciding to work with companies like Google to allow for advertisement placement on their Web sites. Bloggers are also more involved in reviewing different products and services. These two vehicles can be interlinked in order to generate income.Google AdSense has a number of important guidelines for placing advertisements on Web sites. Google doesn’t want “invalid clicks”; thus, it restricts the efforts that bloggers might use in directing customers to ads. Google wants only “genuine valid clicks and impressions from real customers.”AdSense prohibits “competing ads” which are content-targeted or text-based. Google prefers “text rich” Web sites with high keyword density for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Web sites with consistenly high levels of traffic, expensive keywords and high quality links will benefit the most from AdSense.AdSense directs bloggers to simply add source code to their blogs to help Google analyze their page. Google will then attempt to match advertisers with relevant Web pages. Other Google income can accrue through site search and referral tools. You can automatically submit your blog site to Google for crawling.Google has a wealth of experience with advertising and marketing. It is wise to leverage Google’s vast worldwide network to improve advertising potency. There is a multiplier effect in attracting Google advertisers. This will naturally make your Web site more popular, attracting more customer traffic.Google linkage has many advantages. Yet, you must continue to create relevant, content-rich blogs targetting your specific audience. Don’t be too broad.Blogging creates a buzz and transfers information via word-of-mouth. Information is updated constantly, providing relevant stories for consumers. It places news at the finger tips of the public.Most people interested in blogs want the most current, recent, up-to-date, cutting-edge news. Richard Jalichandra of Technorati estimates that “99% of all blog searches aim for something less than six months old.” Blogging is “superior high-value information and news”.Bloggers can purchase services from companies that feed blog advertising to blog search engines and Rich Site Summary (RSS) directories, ensuring prominence and placement.Already, many news broadcasts are little more than “infomercials”. The same folks who own the media – General Electric and Westinghouse – sell their products through the news. They discuss problems and offer the product providing the solution. Another example of this is Al Gore, who has become the “global warming” salesman for “green, eco-friendly, environmental” products.Blogs can begin with considering a certain topic or event. Blogging allows for an outlet for expression and communication. From there is it easy to transition to more economic issues, such as product reviews and suggestions. People trust bloggers with whom they’ve developed relationships.There are numerous innovative ways to introduce brands to customers using blogs. Most people have very short attention spans. Blogging can keep “brand awareness” in their consciousness.Movies sell product placement, likewise bloggers can sell advertising to merge brands with the customer’s experience unobtrusively, creating a natural flow and linkage.Bloggers must continue to write relevant content while they engage in Google and blog advertising.


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