In a bad economy I still find blog advertising as the best solution for my company

In this bad economy I am still finding that blog advertising is the best solution for my company. Every marketing guru out there insists that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising there is. The problem my company was facing was how to get people talking about us and our online business.After a year in business, we were still operating in the red. We just couldn’t generate the buzz that would take us to the next level. I tried the trade shows. All that resulted in was jet lag and less money in the marketing budget. The problem I found with trade shows was that I was marketing to the marketers. I needed to reach the consumers.I contracted the services of a well known email marketing company. I figured the best way to get our name out there would be to put it in front of our customers. It sounded good on paper. Unfortunately, most of those emails probably ended up in spam boxes. Those that made it through annoyed more potential customers than got them to my site them judging from our pitiful traffic. Read more

Creating Real Traffic With Blog Advertising As Opposed To Text Link Based Marketing

Many forms of advertising over the Internet have been created over time and mixed results can be shown for them. There are some great differences between the advertising done in Blog type sites and other forms of text link based marketing tactics.

Blog sites are also becoming a popular outlet for advertising, as it allows for a more detailed description about certain services or solutions that your products can provide. Other text link based marketing involves submission after submission to sites that are unreliable and only rake in minimal traffic.

This article will provide an objective analysis against Blog based marketing and text link marketing, e-mail marketing, banner advertising, article submission and web directory submission. To keep an open mind, there are some subject matters and niche choices that can fare better with either tactic as well as how much time you place into your marketing strategies.

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Advertising Online in 2015!?

Marketing people spend a great deal of time analyzing existing trends and trying to determine how those trends will affect future business decisions. One of the things that has entered into nearly every discussion about advertising is the internet and how the internet is affecting business on a daily basis and how the internet will continue to affect business in the days to come.The internet has changed the way companies look at advertising and there are many reasons why more companies every day are turning to the internet as a major source of advertising and why by 2015 the internet could be playing a much larger role in the advertising world.The biggest reason why the internet continues to gain in popularity, and why by 2015 it will be a huge source of advertising revenue and a place where companies prefer to advertise, is that it is instantly interactive. Customers are able to give their instant input to the company placing the advertising and this is a goldmine for marketing and advertising departments all over the world. Read more

Why companies prefer to advertise more and more online?

The internet has taken the business world by storm, and more and more companies are putting their advertising dollars into online campaigns that reach their users directly.There’s a reason for it: online advertising is cheaper to implement, is capable of reaching a more precise demographic, and faster to produce. Online advertising offers companies the ability to quickly and effectively appeal to their target audiences, resulting in more revenues and decreased costs.Online advertising is cheaper to implement than traditional advertisingThe mechanisms for launching online advertising campaigns have become so streamlined that nearly anyone can have targeted, effective marketing materials on the web in a matter of days. This is because the tools for creating online advertising are far more widespread and accessible to the creative industry than those needed for traditional advertising. Read more

The Advertising Edge Offered To Blogs

Blogging is a way for anyone to get their opinion out for the masses to read and discuss. Anyone that has a strong opinion, or likes to write at length about their strong opinions, usually takes on their own blog website.

For the most part a blog website is hosted by a company that specializes in hosting and when you get a group of blog websites all hosted by the same host you wind up with a blogging community.

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In an Economic Downturn, Why Spend Advertising Dollars on Blogs?

As if 2008 wasn’t bad enough for newspaper advertising, 2009 looks to be even more dismal. During the current financial crisis, businesses are looking for any ways they can find to cut corners and save money, and this includes reducing the size of their advertising budget. Advertising agencies have little to be hopeful about. The CEO of IPG’s Mediabrands, Nick Brien, told the Wall Street Journal, “I don’t see any growth for the industry next year [in 2009]. It will be scary. There are no Olympics, no election spending and the real impact of what happened on Wall Street will filter down.

Online Advertising Holds an Ever-Increasing Share of the Market

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Advertising In a Tricky Economy?

When it comes to the economy the old saying of “it will get worse before it gets better” applies at every level. With people still losing their jobs and companies still going out of business it looks like we are still looking at a long recession and then an even longer recovery back to financial prosperity. In a time of deep recession many of the suppliers of luxury items such as expensive cars, yachts, and high priced restaurants are usually the first to feel the pinch and many of these organizations find themselves tightening their belts or going out of business.However there are some businesses that can always expect to have a certain level of business in any economy and can expect to be as close to recession proof as possible. Grocery stores are considered recession proof because people always need food. Another business that should be recession proof is advertising. Advertising is how businesses stay in business and a good advertising firm, with a proactive attitude, should be able to find ways to not only stay in business but prosper in bad economic times. Read more

22 reasons why blog advertising is the best promoting method

Why You Need Blog Reviews and The Best Time to Have Them?

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Paid Blog Services Vs Free Blog Services

Paid Blog Services vs. Free Blog Services? Green bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike are faced with this question. Most people make a big deal out of trying to figure out this question. However, it is actually a rather simple question to answer.

  • Start by asking yourself some simple questions:
  • Do you need to keep a record of traffic data?
  • Do you need a unique blog template, or will a generic one do?
  • Does your blog need to look professional?
  • How much control do you want to have over your blog?
  • Are you trying to brand your blog, start a business, vent personal feelings, provide a free service, or etc..? In other words, what are your goals for the blog?
  • Do you want to make money from your blog?

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Blog Internet Advertising: How Bloggers Are Leaving A Fortune On The Table

Many bloggers today are leaving behind a huge fortune by ignoring the possibilities of blog Internet advertising. These bloggers unwittingly focus all of their efforts and concentration on Adsense and related programs. Although there is nothing explicitly wrong about working with Adsense or attempting to maximize one’s Adsense earnings, by doing so bloggers forgo a huge wad of cash, leaving it on the table.It is much easier than you may think to sell blog Internet advertising, regardless of how much or how little traffic your blog receives. And, Adsense has no problem with other ads on your website provided that they do not mimic Google Adsense ads.Certainly, the next natural question anyone would want to ask is why any advertiser would choose to place advertisements in a low traffic blog or website. It may seem unrealistic, but many advertisers specifically look for small-sized blogs. They seek blogs which have not yet made a noteworthy name for themselves, which in turn provides them an opportunity for niche marketing or niche advertising. Read more