Benefits of PV Solar Panels as a Renewable Energy

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With energy prices on the rise, this is the ideal time for any home or business to switch to solar energy. Having PV solar panels installed in your business or home is an excellent way of making them more energy efficient. Solar panels can provide huge savings on your electricity bills as outlined by PV Generation.

Solar panels come with costs upfront however there are huge benefits to this product. PV solar panels for your business or home can generate green, clean, and renewable energy. Here we are discussing the benefits of PV solar panels as a renewable energy.

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What are PV Solar Panels

PV Solar Panels are known as Solar Photovoltaics. Solar panels are a device that converts light into electricity. Energy from the sun is one of the best forms of renewable energy. Solar panels have a collection of solar cells. PV cells are generally small but when combined to form solar arrays and solar panels, they can be very efficient.

An electric field is created once the sun shines over the panel cells. The stronger rays from the sun the stronger the electric energy that is produced. Solar panels don’t need direct sun to work, they can still produce electricity on a cloudy day. Solar panels can be mounted easily to your rooftop and are available in a range of different sizes and shapes. There are 3 common types of domestic PV solar panels, these include:

• Thin-film PV panels
• Monocrystalline PV panels
• Polycrystalline PV panels

Environmentally Friendly

With world pollution and climate change getting worse, any effort to reduce pollution to the environment will help save the earth. Using solar panels is environmentally friendly. They have the least negative impact on the environment compared to other sources of energy. It doesn’t pollute the water and doesn’t produce harmful greenhouse gases. There is no noise creation from solar panels which is a huge benefit as many solar panels are being installed in urban areas such as domestic home solar panels.

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Solar panels need only a small amount of water to maintain them. A nuclear power plant requires 20 times more water. Solar energy is a great way of reducing the carbon footprint. Solar energy is renewable green energy.

Reduction in Energy Bills

Heating and electricity costs can be greatly reduced by adding solar panels to your home or business. By converting your power source to solar energy, it will cut down your energy bills as your power will be generated through the sun which is free. With high-quality PV solar panels, you will see up to a 70% reduction in costs saving you a lot of money on fuel and power bills. The more energy you produce through solar panels, the less you will need to rely on your electricity supplier which will increase your energy self-reliance.

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Less Energy Lost during Long-Distance Transport

Around 3-5% of the energy is lost during distribution and transportation. The longer the distance between the supply points and the production, the more energy that is lost. It is not a very big loss; however, they can influence and affect the performance of the installation in high density populated areas. Photovoltaic solar panels are generally installed on a rooftop which drastically reduces the distance and in turn, increases the efficiency of the solar panels.

Power Grid Security is Greatly Improved

Solar power has a direct impact on the efficiency of the power grid in the case of common issues such as voltage dips and power blackouts. If the power plants are spread out evenly, then there will be less chance of these issues occurring. This helps improve the security on the power grid against fires, natural or human-caused disasters in transformer substations.

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Energy Production During Peak Times

Energy demand is at their highest in period times between 11.00-16.00 and then early in the evening. Energy demand is less between times from 20.00-23.00. Naturally, electricity price peaks during demanding times.

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Solar energy reaches its maximum production capacity between 11.00-16.00 hours. Electricity produced between them times has a higher value than if it was generated at night. Solar energy produces additional electricity so prices in those time slots could be lowered and greatly reduced to a level close to those nighttime hours.

Installation is Versatile and Easy

The installation of PV solar panels is simple and easy. They can be installed almost anywhere, taking advantage of both horizontal and vertical spaces. This aspect, along with the flexibility and modularity of the system, facilitates the installing of small-scale solar projects with the added benefit that the installation can be expanded depending on the needs at any given time.

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Solar panels can provide electricity in remote locations where the initial cost of installing electrical distribution systems is not feasible and too high.

Little Maintenance and High Reliability

PV solar panels require very little maintenance and have no moving parts. The only maintenance they require is to keep the panels clean for better efficiency.

Solar panels are extremely reliable and should last anywhere between 25 years or more with no major maintenance needed. Once the panels are installed, you will receive written information regarding any maintenance that may be needed from time to time like cleaning to ensure the panels are in perfect working order. You may need to have the panels checked once a year to ensure it is performing as it should. If you are unsure, you can consult your solar panel providers on the exact maintenance requirements.

Creates Employment

The widespread use of solar panel installations promotes and creates job opportunities and employment for the economy. Using solar systems will positively impact the local community and boosts the economy long term. There are even modern portable systems that can power bouncy castles for kids parties.

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Electricity produced by solar panels on rooftops will soon be much cheaper than electricity through a wall socket. Solar energy is on its way to becoming the key technology for renewed economic growth. Solar energy doesn’t depend on fuel and electricity grids. It allows your home to become self-sufficient and not be exposed to increasing energy costs.


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