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The Art of Fashion in Painting

A painting according to the dictionary is a set of colors arranged on a surface in a certain order with a representative, expressive or decorative purpose. This set provokes emotions and feelings on its creators that connect us with their deepest feelings.

For some fashion designers, this surface is a canvas without limits, in which it’s all about letting your imagination fly. Most of the most talented fashion designer are inspired by great works of art, and they aim to create a new way of art with every single garment and design.

Thanks to the connection between fashion and painting we are able to submerge ourselves in an alternative world in which we try to figure the meaning of their designs out. What message are they trying to transmit?

For both designers and painters, their masterpieces are themselves an escape from emotions, a refuge in which their thoughts let imagination flow, arising their deepest feelings. And that’s what they are trying to transmit.

Painting is a form of self-knowledge, in which we can easily notice which colors, forms and symbols reflect beauty, sadness, happiness and even violence.

For an artist, creativity has no limits, they are able to make us appreciate new ways of seeing, feeling and thinking. Fashion has often been questioned for whether or not it is considered an artistic movement, and although we sometimes appreciate it by trends, fashion is a complement and an influence of painting, since all its creators get inspired from numerous artists to create their collections in which they combine everything that these artists have given them.

A great example are the fashionable photographs, artistic portraits that highlight the best of every designer.

Art designers are responsible for transporting us to a specific place or time with their masterpieces, while fashion designers are responsible for giving the best angles of a collection. Fashion designers try to create a picture landed in the contemporary atmosphere, in which different personalities that make possible the knowledge of the fashion and its tendencies are added.

According to Sara Lopez, who owns a lifestyle blog, many designers have left us their legacy through specific garments that pick up some of greatest art masterpieces, such as: Dolce & Gabbana inspired by Claude Monet‘s painting: Water Lilies:

Art of Fashion in Painting


Trendhim, Danish design, inspired in Pablo Picasso’s Cubism:

Art of Fashion in Painting


Yves Saint Laurent inspired by Van Gogh’s painting style:


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