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An interview on blog advertising

I am interviewing a blogger today. It is about how to make money in blog advertising. Okay, first question.

What do you write about in a blog?

Well, it depends on your intent. Some people blog about things they are interested in. Others write up reviews of other people’s work. Still others do both. The real trick is finding enough words to keep up fresh content.

I see, you have to keep doing your research.

So how do you make money on these sites?

Well, I personally write things for other people. Some people write content for their own websites that sell everything from dolls to food to old information. What you have to do is write clearly so other people can find your site with search engines. You have to engage and entertain your audience. Then there are keywords, you have to use the correct keywords to catch the search engines.

And the only way to move up is to get as many clicks on your site as you can. It helps to have hyperlinks to other sites with Similar content. And more importantly, that other sites have hyperlinks to your site. The more traffic you have, the higher probability you sell what ever your product is.

So what kind of products are available?

The sky is the limit. One of the simplest products is advertising space. You let other people put ads on your site for money or services. It just takes you keeping your content fresh so that your site traffic stays high. Some of my favorites are web comics.

They have new content on a regular basis, and always have advertisements for their own products.Could be books, backgrounds, plush toys or even individual strips. On top of those, they let other people put up banners or ads for different sites and products. There are people making enough money to not have any other job.

Even just drawing a cartoon once every few days. Another way is to set up a fan site for some television show, then advertise for related products. You get enough hits on the site by having fans around the world join. And you get continuous updated material from the fans as well. It is a solid advertising approach and adds constant traffic to your site.

How often do you need to add content to a blog site?

As often as possible. You have to keep the content updated at least weekly. Otherwise, your site will get stale. And on the internet, it doesn’t take long to be stale. Update your content. Update your ads. Update your contacts, or you will lose money, rather than make it.

What other advice can you give us on making money on your site?

Do not be afraid to put out something that some people might not like. You are writing a blog. A little controversy can be a good thing. Just make sure that what you say is accurate. And if you write something that blasts someone else, be sure to not step on libel laws.

But if you know something is true and might generate some serious reactions, go for it. Be a little edgy, it keeps people looking at your site for new content. So, as long as you keep your site current, keep adding content and you have a real chance to make money from blogging.


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