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Advertising on blogs it`s becoming more and more used

Advertising on blogs it`s becoming more and more used by the brands that want to present and promote their products, taking advantage of the blog movement. In this way from which both the product companies and authors are getting benefits from the blog advertising: the companies launch products or services and the authors get paid for doing so, as well as increasing PageRank and the number of visitors.Other sites are now specialized in supplying companies with a broad range of blogs and ad types, making a fortune out of it. Writers are supposed to write their opinions or publish ads in multiple blogs regarding products or sites, show that they are interested in this and provide unique content in their blogs. In this way, they will get paid by companies but they will also earn some money thanks to pay-per-click and other services that are based on visitors. They offer payments via PayPal, using a blog marketing tool that allows them to pay bloggers to create content.Both bloggers and advertisers are being given advertising services mainly through Blogads, a very well known site related to the blog advertising which is an online ad network. It was founded in August 2002, and since then it kept on pursuing clients to use their services, which are said to be highly desired due to their quality and popularity.It provides advertising to many high-traffic blogs and Blogad is believed to be one of the most important factors that contributed to the rise of the liberal blogosphere, being ahead of the competition as a thought leader. It`s an effective source to drive traffic and sales in an easy manner.When it comes to people that owe a blog, they gather in “teams” of more than 200 blogs where they will advertise, say what they think about a product and get money for that. In order to be as effective as they can possibly be, they need managers or professionals in this field with blogs with over 5-10 000 subscribers and so on and so forth. The more blogs are part of a team, the more the product is promoted, and this is what companies want from agencies that deal with online marketing. They are willing to pay for good quality work.Though there are thousands of people that are part of the  blog advertising, this business being on market for around 8 years, some of them claim having encountered with various scams that didn`t pay them according to their work and once they were done promoting products and services, they stopped answering e-mails or phone calls.New bloggers must take into consideration this potential risk-factor when they want to be part of the advertising branch of the blogosphere. They should do some research in order to be be well informed, ask for different opinions from other bloggers that have done this before and so they are able to create an impression about whether the advertisers are real or they are just another scam.


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