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A List of The Best Web Directories

You will discover number of benefits of web directory submission and one among them is high quality back-links.

All the search engines like Google look at the quantity of back links you have. Directory submission can give your site the required back-links. You can’t find any other much easier solution to build links for your site.

When you submit your site to web directories, they’ll get listed in the search engines. When you have used the appropriate keywords for your submissions, your web directory listings will get indexed by the search engine entries.

Here is the list of top10 web directories you can consider:


Unquestioned leader of the top ten web-directories is Open Directory Project (dmoz.org). This is actually the premier, reliable human-edited directory over the web. Launched by Rich Skrenta and Bob True on 1998, dmoz.org is currently the best multi-lingual open content web directory.

Such reputation was won because of honest (non-commercial) moderation of authorized sites by group of volunteer web editors, a large count of categories and sub-categories that assist in searching required sites and a big list of registered, thoroughly analyzed websites.


Librarians’ Internet Index (Lii.org) is one among the most well-known web directories, created as California project in the year 1994. This particular directory soon after took on nationwide and later worldwide importance. Lii.org have been updating its data base with all the new top-quality websites for over a decade. On every Thursday, all Lii.org prospects receive a totally free news letter (either RSS or email) which includes a new choice of thematically gathered web sites. E-mail distribution and Well-tuned RSS of lately included websites and ideal ranking are the major features of Lii.org web directory.


Yahoo Directory is a standard web directory, owned and operated by the world famous Yahoo internet search engine. This web directory is probably one among the finest paid directories in internet. Indexing in Yahoo Directory charges you $299 each month. This given web directory has been visited by a large numbers of individuals from USA, and also from several other states.


Vlib.org is the earliest Web listing, started by Tim Berners Lee (also popular as (HTML creators) in the year 1991. It is well guided by free organization of volunteers. Each and every volunteer accounts for a specific area in which he/she is a specialist. Currently one of the most Vlib.org historical mirrors is being managed by Dave Stevens of the United Kingdom.


Business.com is a huge venture that combines web directory and internet search engine. Designed by Jake Winebaum in 1999, it is now the biggest paid web directory in the internet. Each month it’s getting visited by more than 60,000,000 people. The Business.com outcomes are given as a blend of specific categories, subsidized links and text matching web pages (obtained from Google in the year 2006). Subscription in Business.com charges $199 annually.


Best of the Web is probably the first web directory, set up by Brandon Plewe in the year 1994. Best of the Web stands apart because of top standard of listings, time proved status and massive traffic. Even though this directory is paid, all of the sites indicated here are being purely moderated and therefore ensure premium quality information held in the directory. This web directory features its own Affiliate network program.


Starting point – generaldirectories is probably one of the first free web directories on the net from the year 1995. This great directory site presents a beneficial, active site with a large number of categories in addition to sub-categories. The listing fee is $99 per one year. What is impressive is that stpt.com doesn’t agree to submit websites of following categories Adult-Pornography, Blogs as well as Directories.


Web World Directory is a free directory which was started in 2001. There’s two different types of listings allowed here which includes Free listing and Premium listing (premium listing fee is $25). Web World Directory includes a large base of content articles, weblogs and permits submitting articles specialized in web masters.


Directory Journal (dirjournal.com) is a masterfully designed general web directory which has proper bunch of genuine directory listings, articles or blog posts. This excellent web directory is paid and will be offering a 1 year and long term website submission.


Jayde.com directory, started in 1996 is probably one of the oldest business web directories on the web. Jayde.com is a fully human edited directory site that features a large numbers of distinct and unparalled business websites (greater than Two million) properly grouped into categories (about 277,660 distinct categories). Furthermore, this excellent business web directory has special search system based upon “Click Relevance” algorithmic strategy that delivers top-quality search.


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