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7 Killer Steps to Get Your Articles Read

For the longest time that I was writing articles, I had these thoughts and feelings that I was getting lost. Ok, maybe not me but sure, in fact, my articles. I started looking everywhere online for tips to get your articles read and could not find any good roadmaps, so I made my own.

I gave myself a challenge with the understanding that if I was wondering and feeling this way, that there were others out there like me. I went back and dissected my old articles and compared which ones were getting a ton of views and which ones just stunk to high heaven. After this, I was able to come up with what I feel are the 7 Killer Steps to Get Your Articles Read and have been seeing phenomenal results ever since.

If you are writing articles as part of your marketing, you know that there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of articles out there just like yours. Do you want to know how you can get your articles read and how to get them to stand out, I know I wanted to; so this is why I bring you this article.

Create your own style

You need to create your original style of writing, we all have different styles, and you will find yours that makes you feel like you own it. Different styles will help relate differently to certain people; this will help them remember you.

If you are new to writing, I would suggest doing yourself a favor and spend some time investigating a few different styles and authors and see what in their article relates to you. You can take a few different ideas from different authors and create your own, never copy someone else’s style.

Genuine is Key

In lament terms, do not copy and paste or even change one or two sentences in a paragraph of some other authors work and slap your name on it. First of all that is rude, second, it is not genuine. Your articles need to be your content; now you can read a few articles, watch a few videos or read a book on your subject for ideas but put your article in your own words. The important tip is to write the text based on your own opinions or research, but not to rewrite it.

Smoke the Competition

Want to have more people read your articles? Then write better articles. You need to know what your competitors are writing about and how they are portraying the information. Read their articles and find out what relevant information they failed to mention and educate the reader on. Use this to your advantage and then smoke the competition.

Be the Magnet

Building your articles with very relevant and educational content is one step closer to becoming a magnet. When you are the magnet in your niche, people will start tripping over themselves to get to you and the content you provide. Provide content that not everyone else is providing and watch your followers and stats skyrocket.

Live to Learn

Obtain the mindset that you need to improve every day, watching educational videos, and masterminding with likeminded people. There is not one of us in the beautiful world of ours that knows everything. When you learn something new, have a passion to find someone that would benefit from your teaching them. Every time you write a useful article you need to give valuable content that teaches someone about your topic.

Stay the Course

I see so many people that write a few good articles and boom; it’s like they just fell off the face of the earth; what happened to them and why did they stop? You have got to stay the course, continue to write articles on your niche and have a passion to write 1-2 articles a day. Let’s compare the following two people and see which one would have better results.

Fred from Franklin – Fred has written roughly 20 really good articles on “How to have a greener lawn” and submitted these 20 articles to only one article submission site

Catherine in South Carolina – Catherine has written about 40 articles on the same subject, but she decided to submit to more than just one site. She submitted these same articles to 50 different article submission sites, and she then republishes them as she finds new sites.

Who has more exposure, who has stayed the course and who is deemed more the “expert”?

The key is to promote your works like you can start blogging, share your content on your social pages, become a permanent contributor to some online magazine. Here are some resources.

As I have said before

Title, title, and oh yeah title. I have written a few articles on why your title is so important if you have missed them, track them down.  Because it’s the first thing that people see, and at that point, they decide to click on the article or move on.

We all see hundreds of titles every day, just look at the wonderful world of Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other major site. What does grab your attention? Think of why it kept your attention, the article name caught your eye, and you wanted to read what it said. It should talk about some problem solution, facts or story that are important for the readers.

Here is my angle on all of this

I am very passionate about what I do, and if you are wondering; that means this is the first article you may have read of mine.

I focus my energy on showing others how to market themselves and any opportunity that they may have for the world. I am very successful with my article and internet marketing, and I help others become successful as well with my many tips, tricks, and tweaks.

I am constantly embracing new ideas and masterminding with some of the world’s best marketing minds to enhance my knowledge to pass along to others. I orchestrate my articles and my marketing in a way that the reader gets relevant and beneficial information.


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