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6 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Well, even the most green computer novice can create a blog. The simplicity of creating a blog has allowed millions of people a portal for personal venting, marketing, information sharing etc..

Naturally, a lot of people wonder if they can actually make money off of their blog. It doesn’t matter what your blog is about, there are some easy ways to make money from your blog. Getting paid to blog may seem like a pipe dream, but with a little effort and a lot of patience, you can get paid to blog.

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Before you ever begin with the actual means to make money from the blog, you need to establish traffic to your blog. This is vital to any money making strategy. No traffic equals..no money! For example, blog carnivals are free, fast, and easy to use for those just starting out.

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Just submit a blog post to the appropriate carnivals for your niche. It will create easy links and traffic. Spend a few months building traffic- prior to implementing money making techniques. Once you build some traffic to your blog, you are ready to start implementing the easy ways to make money from your blog. Here’s how you can get paid to blog:

Paid Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC only works if you have traffic. Essentially, you will sign up with a network like, Google AdSense. The network will place text or image ads on your blog. AdSense is great because the ads are relevant to the theme of the blog. You will earn money every time a visitor clicks the ad. The click-through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) will determine how much money you make from each click.

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The PPC network will determine what the CTR rate is based on design. CPC rate will depend on niche. Clicks can range from a few cents a piece to a few dollars a piece. The service is free. Google AdSense just takes their share from your revenue. You can have up to 4 ad’s per page.

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Direct Banner Advertising

Again, don’t even attempt to implement direct banner advertising if you don’t have high traffic established. This method will cut out the middle man. You will directly sell your own ad space, by finding an ad server and setting your ad price. Direct banner advertising will allow you to be in control of the sale process, placing the ad, etc.. So, you should have an allotted amount of time to attend the process.

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Blogads, is another means to set your own price for ads. It serves as network for companies to find your available ad space. They will lease, per se, the ad space at your set price.

Publisher Networks

Sites like, blogadvertisingstore, will allow you to get paid for reviewing services and products. You place your blog in their database. Customers can find you and request you to write a review for their product/service/website on your blog.

The pay depends on the subject, blog traffic, and your blog niche; usually it will range from around $20.00 to $200.00, per review. Really, an easy way to get paid to blog! However, be selective in what you put on your blog. Doing a positive review (a company is not going to ask you to negatively review their product) for a product that is not up to par can damage your blogs’ reputation.

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Partial Premium/Partial Paid Content vs. Private Content

You can buy software to make your blog a private or semiprivate forum. This is especially useful for how to? and self help blogs. You can provide part of the blog content for free, and then charge an access/ membership fee to continue reading the premium content.

You will need to hook the reader in with the free content- without giving away all of the information. For a blog to be private content, you will simply charge a membership fee, or one time access fee, to read the entire blog. You will need to hook the reader, without giving away the actual blog text.

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Of course, with both of these easy ways to make money from your blog, you better have some high quality content, and a great sales pitch angle. For example, a never seen before technique to stop snoring. Otherwise, your blog will be dead in the water.


It is simple to add a “Donate”? button to your blog. For example, PayPal, offers the easiest button. Ask visitors, that find the blog helpful and useful, to donate so that you can keep the content coming.

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Of the easy ways to make money from your blog, this is the easiest long term idea. The downside is that it does require a small initial investment. By placing a marketplace on your blog, you are allowing visitors to trade, sell, and buy goods.

You will add in a service fee for each transaction. The only downside is the absence of software. You will need a coder to create the marketplace. However, a marketplace can be very profitable and is really easy to manage.

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In Text Adverting

Advertising networks like, Vibrant Media, will place sponsored links inside the blog text. When the visitor scrolls past the link, the ad will automatically pop up. You will only get paid if the visitor clicks the ad. This can be a bad idea for blogs still building traffic. Readers may find it annoying!

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Blog Branded Products

Sites like, CafePress, offer products that you can brand with your blog logo. You add your CafePress store link on your blog. Visitors are redirected to the store when they click the link. You will get a monthly check for the markup. Shirts, mugs, etc.. generally will perform the best. This method to get paid to blog can be very profitable with the right niche and traffic.

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These are just some easy ways to make money from your blog. There are hundreds of options to get paid to blog. At first you will have no idea which will work best for your blog. That is why you should try them all. If something is stagnant for a few months, try something different.


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