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5 Popular Types Of Infographics

Information is essential but most of them are presented in a bland and unimaginative manner. Thankfully, the patterns of communicating information are becoming more effective in the recent years. These days, the methods of communication are now capable of delivering information in an interesting and attractive manner.

One of the best ways to communicate data is through infographics. These visual communication tools can channel information in a visually attractive, pleasing, and easily understandable manner. This method of communication can be presented in different methods to efficiently convey powerful and complicated information that is capable of grabbing the attention of its intended viewers.

Infographics: A Brief Description

Infographics, or information graphics, are graphical representation of data, information, and knowledge. This communication tool is best used when presenting complex pieces of information that needs to be presented in a concise and clear manner. This tool, if executed properly, is capable of relaying information in a way that won’t confuse people.

In the past, infographics are considered as graphical elements, such as maps, diagrams, signs, and graphics, which people use to convey the meaning of text-based information. These graphical presentations focus on conveying a series of specific information from statistical data. Traditionally, it looks like a simple diagram or graph; however, with the advancements in technology, infographics are now more creative and attractive.

Types Of Infographics

You may already know that infographics are available in various shapes and sizes; however, they can generally be organized into common categories. Here are a few of the most common types of infographics.

Visual Article: This type of infographics usually relies on a captivating title to be successful. Just like a written article, the viewer’s attention needs to be enthralled by the header so that they will continue to go through the graphical presentation. In addition, this type of infographic needs to contain varied, interesting, and compelling content so that the viewers will be satisfied and contented. When it is executed well, the visual article is capable of going viral and to continuously gain momentum on social medial websites.

Timeline: With this type of graphical presentation, each element must be visualized. Its aim is to take its viewers on a journey. For this type of infographic to succeed, the designer must ensure that the journey is interesting and valuable for the intended audience.

Data Visualization: This is the main point of infographics- turning data into graphical information. Data visualization is capable of presenting complex data through pictures and graphs. This means that the information is presented in a creative and beautiful manner. A creative design along with proper execution can provide excellent results that can help the infographics to go viral online.

Flow Charts: This type of infographic guarantees to attract viewers. Most flow charts ask a particular question that is relevant for its target viewers. The viewers will then answer the questions and move through the infographics. This makes the graphical presentation interactive and engaging. The humor that gets thrown into the flow chart is a huge bonus as it helps entertain and present interesting information.

Photo Infographic: These infographics are very interesting and visually eye-catching; however, photo infographics are hard to produce. It is advisable to use high quality photographs in creating this type of graphical presentation. In addition, the infographic designer must come up with a well-thought out design. If this type of visual presentation is not presented well, it will look amateurish and confusing.


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