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5 Key Benefits of Business Web Directories

Long before search engines like Google and Yahoo were created, web directories were popular. These directories contained links to a wide variety of different websites and categorized them in a way that allowed visitors to quickly and effortlessly find the information they needed. Business web directories offered the visitor a quick way to access the goods and services they need.

However, few people realize the importance of web directories as it concerns individual businesses. Web directories are very important for businesses who are looking to increase their exposure and draw more attention to their products. Today, we are going to cover the five benefits of business web as seen from the businesses point of view.

Ability to Target Your Demographic

One of the most important functions of business web directories is the ability to offer visitors links that are categorized according to geographical region or interest. The key to any marketing campaign is to target the product or service with the demographic that is the most likely consumers of the product or service. Business web directories allow visitors to drill down to the services they want according to a number of factors which include geographical location or products offered. This allows the business the opportunity to target the customers who are more likely to buy the product offered.

Better Quality Traffic

Search engines accept and list just about any site that is submitted to them, regardless of the site’s quality. This can result in poor and unproductive traffic. Business web directories on the other hand are usually reviewed by editors to ensure that they are of the highest quality and relevance. This high standard of quality builds a loyal clientele for the web directory, which results in better quality traffic for your business.

Better Relevance

Business web directories give visitors more relevant search results. If a person does a search for a particular product on a search engine, then he will end up getting many results which aren’t relevant to his search. On the other hand, a business directory will have categories that will allow him to fine-tune his search. This relevance allows the consumer to be matched up with the business he wants to find.

Better Sales Ratios

Visitors who frequent your business via a business search engine are more likely to buy the goods or services you are selling. This is because the visitor has read the description to your site and specifically selected your business out of the other businesses that are located on the directory. Now contrast this with results from a search engine and you can immediately see the advantage. Visitors who come to your site via a search engine may have found your site based on a more general search. They may or may not be your target demographic.

Link Building

One of the prime advantages of listing your site on a business web directory is that it allows you to build relevant incoming links to your business. As many of you may already know, link building is one of the building blocks of any SEO campaign. Having more relevant incoming links allows your site to rise in the search engines and draw in more customers. Better search engine results and more customers results in more business for your organization.


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