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4 Ways You Can Improve Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing builds a quick bond with your target audience. Prospects crave seeing a living, breathing person delivering a value-packed message. If you take the proper steps to set up your video marketing campaign growing your business through the creative channel becomes quite fun. Shooting videos helps you express yourself. Create videos to convey your message in a playful, high energy manner.

If however you ignore these simple tips creating videos might actually hurt your internet marketing campaign. Publishing unprofessional or lifeless videos can turn prospects away from your brand. Take great care in creating videos and you can experience the benefits of optimizing your video marketing campaign.

Pay Attention to Lighting

You can create the most inspiring, uplifting video, but if nobody sees you talking you just wasted your time. If you are speaking from the shadows most viewers exit your video in a second or two.

Make sure to test the lighting before you shoot your video. Record a 5 second video gauging the lighting and sound. Play back to assess whether both qualities are acceptable.

Choose bright lighting. Creating videos outdoors can provide you with optimal lighting conditions but make sure to check for shadows which pop up either early or later in the day.

Use Keywords to Drive Targeted Prospects to Your Video

Targeted prospects need to be able to find your video. Include niche specific keywords within your video title and description boxes. By posting keywords in these areas and noting the keywords within your video interested parties can find your creation, watch the video and sign up for your email list.

Remember your target audience before you create and optimize your video. Save yourself months or year’s worth of wheeling spinning by intelligently targeting your video marketing campaign.

Raise Your Energy before Creating Videos

You wake the dead with your energy if you hope to make a serious impact creating videos. OK, maybe that is a bit much, but check out some of the most viral videos on earth. Most of these presentations carry some super high energy elements to the presentation. People are singing, dancing, or presenting their part through some high energy method.

Tony Robbins comes to mind. Search for any one of his videos, especially his onstage presentations. The man’s positive energy is palpable. You can feel him through the screen, like if you were sitting in the audience. This is the type of energy you want to bring to your presentation to make an impact on your target audience.

Be disciplined in maintaining this approach by exercising before you decide to shoot a video. 5 minutes of walking, jogging, jumping jacks or push ups can help you create a truly noteworthy video which makes prospects take notice. Put in a few minute’s worth of physical legwork and your page views will jump dramatically.

Study Viral Videos

Studying viral videos in great detail provides clues into why these offerings became popular. By drilling down and taking notes on why these videos generate so many page views you can apply these secrets to your own video creation campaign.

Success leaves obvious clues. Most viral videos carry undeniable positive energy, or some creative presentation, or humor, influencing viewers to not only respond or react to the video but also to share the content across their social networks. Word of mouth marketing only adds fuel to the viral video fire, so take notes and apply these tips to your video marketing campaign.

Be patient and persistent. Practice to feel comfortable in front of the camera and you too can improve your video marketing campaign.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things online and offline marketing; she recommends visitingExhibit Dealfor all your trade show needs.


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