How to Write Research Papers


Research papers, they are the bane of any student or academics life!

They require to keep your head screwed whilst getting knee-deep in a subject that is complex, long-winded and hard! It is no wonder that so many students fall at this hurdle, and struggle to produce research papers that make their tutors really think on the subject they have chosen.

But, as hard as these papers are, as difficult as they may seem, they are not impossible! One needs patience to navigate their way through, from conception to finished product, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! And these few tips should help you through the tunnel to the glory of a interesting, engaging research paper.

Get out of the house

Many people may believe that the best way to write a research essay is to shut yourself off in your room and stare at your computer for days on end. Though this might result in a lengthy essay that might be quite informative, it will lack passion, depth and exploration. What you need to do to get your creative juices pumping is get out of the house. Perhaps (if the subject you are researching is local to you), there might be an interesting installation, display or exhibition that you could get first-hand evidence from. If not this, then get yourself to your nearest library. Whatever the subject you are researching is, it probably deserves a lot more time and attention than just reading from a webpage. Go to the library and get out a book on your subject, sift through the pages and you will feel like you are really learning about your topic! This way your essay will have a depth that you can’t achieve from just sitting in your room!

Get help

Don’t be shy to ask for help from people. Don’t see it as failing, see it as research! Pooling together different facts and opinions from a range of people is how research papers are created. These people could be anyone from your parents, to your friends, to your fellow classmates. This will give you a much needed flexible and open-minded view of your subject, which you definitely need when writing a lengthy piece on anything. If you can’t think of anyone that could provide such help, then you can search help out on the internet! At sites like there’s a selection of people that are just waiting to help struggling students This site and other research paper writing services make a business out of helping out those that are having a hard time getting started on a topic. You could ask for tips, quotes, or absolutely anything you might need! Before you know it, you’ll have a large pool of opinions, quotes and theories to pull from.

Nothing good can come from diving straight into writing a research paper. If you hand in a research paper that has been typed up immediately, it can easily be spotted as a rushed and incomplete piece of work. Examiners don’t like to think that you have jumped straight into the essay without taking some time first to compose yourself and ready yourself to write a lengthy informative piece. Before you begin your essay, make sure you have:

  • A list of informative quotes on hand (You may not use them all, but it’s definitely worth having by your side)
  • A structure plan for your essay (This way you won’t drift of topic and write about things that aren’t relevant to the essay)
  • A clear understanding of the context of your subject (If your researching a particular battle, make sure you know about the overall war in which the battle took place, the context of a subject is impossible to detach from the subject itself.

If you have these things with you, there is no doubt you will write the best essay possible.

So there you have it, as daunting and as impossible as it may seem, the research paper you have been assigned is doable! It just takes a calm, collected and prepared person to carry it out. You must research your subject in a pragmatic and practical way, get help, opinions and theories wherever you can get them from, and remain calm when approaching your subject of choice, you will be able to construct a thought-provoking essay that catches your examiners eye, stands out from the rest of the essays. Good luck in your research and your paper-writing, the light at the end of the tunnel is in reach!


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