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Work from Home and Get Paid to Blog

Getting paid to blog is an excellent opportunity to show off one’s writing skills and to build a reputation as an authority on any given subject, such as dating, beauty tips, or even how to get paid to blog all while working from the comfort of home.

The first step is to search for companies looking specifically for people who want to get paid to blog. Using any search engine, type in the keyword “how to get paid to blog”. There you will find a list of companies who are willing to pay for your expertise on a particular subject. Be very careful as there are many sites that offer to pay per post that are not legitimate.

Getting paid to blog is an excellent opportunity to show off one’s writing skills

There are many real sites that list the names of various companies who will pay bloggers for content. Once you have identified real companies that are willing to pay you to blog. Take the time to apply with several of them by filling out an application and submitting a writing sample.

The process is usually very easy. Once your writing sample is accepted you will need to decide on a topic that might be interesting to others. Then you can begin offering a wealth of valuable information regarding the subject. For example you might be paid to blog about dating.

Your blog discussions could offer information on how to date successfully, things you should never say on a first date, or perhaps for the ladies you could blog about what to wear on a first date. Some are paid to blog only on subjects that designated by the company itself which may require research on your part if it does not happen to be a topic with which you are familiar.

This can take a lot of time to do, but keep in mind these are most likely the companies that pay their blogger on the higher end of the scale. Which ever the case may be make sure you know the topic well in order to establish yourself as a credible blogger. You will then begin to build your reputation and obtain a very loyal following from your blog readers.

The amount for getting paid to blog ranges anywhere from $1.00 to $4.00 per blog post to up to $15-$20 per blog post in many cases.

The general earning is between $100-$600 per month or even more depending on the company. The majority of bloggers receive pay not only through blogging, but by generating income from ads that are placed on the site. Some also become paid consultants to other companies that seek more knowledge on the subject at hand. The pay is usually deposited into your banking account promptly either daily or weekly.

Most writers are paid to blog while working from the comfort of their home. By working from home you are able to pace yourself and blog all throughout the day, or perhaps dedicate a certain time to blog, such as in the early morning hours, in the afternoon, or even in the middle of the night while the family is sleeping.

You will then need to make sure to proof read the blog for mistakes and create an interesting title to capture the attention of your audience. Putting these few tips into practice will make you invaluable to the company that is paying.

Blogging gives a writer an excellent opportunity to work in a field that they enjoy, to improve their writing skills, and to become an authority on any subject. So get started today fulfilling your dream of working from home and getting paid to blog.


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