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Why SEO is Essential for Businesses in Dublin’s Silicon Valley

Dublin Silicon Valley is home to the global tech giants Facebook and Google. With so much competition for Dublin businesses, how does a local business increase their visibility and enhance their online presence on search engines such as Google, the golden answer is through SEO.

SEO from local top agencies such as PRO SEO can help local businesses improve their rankings in search results. Google accounts for 80% of global internet searches, so there is a strong likelihood that many online buyers from Dublin are those who are querying local websites for products and services.

SEO is an essential factor for startup businesses to be successful. SEO can turn an average business into a success. So, here is why SEO is essential for businesses n Dublin’s Silicon Valley.

SEO provides the most efficient way to grow your business, essentially for those in the Dublin area. Dublin is a hub for international and local businesses, which will create endless opportunities for businesses looking to expand. Businesses in Dublin face additional competition. There are many ways to use SEO to bring businesses ahead of the competition. 88% of the population in Ireland are active internet users. Roughly about 90% of the population use smartphones.

SEO is one of the leading marketing solutions to achieve better rankings online. It is a specialised process improving your site position on search engines such as Google. SEO will continually drive more traffic to your site and potentially more leads and business over time.

Avenues for SEO 

  • On Page Organic SEO making your site appeal to the search engine.
  • PPC management.
  • Content Creation.

Builds greater credibility and trust 

Consumers are more likely to trust the credibility of web pages that appear at the top of search results.  The top 3 results on search engines receive over 75% of organic traffic. The top position on search result pages receives about 33% of all organic traffic. Your potential decreases dramatically the further down the list you are. There are many factors that go into building authority, these factors include:

  • Positive user behaviour
  • Optimized on-page content and elements
  • Quality backlinks

Authority is built and earned over time. It takes time, commitment, and patience to build a brands authority. Building authority also relies on the product and service you provide, are they valuable and quality that will enable a consumer to trust the brand and buy from you.

Leading source of website traffic 

Organic search is a huge part of business website performance, 53.3% of all web traffic comes from organic search. Ranking your site on the first page of Google is necessary to be seen by the consumers. Climbing to the top position can almost double your click through rate over the number 2 spot. Organic traffic is visitors to your site after searching a product online through a search engine. Keywords are an important aspect of SEO. Keywords tell us what customers are looking for online. Once you know their intent, you can use SEO to target this audience.

Increases engagements and conversions 

Local search on mobile traffic has become a huge part of a small and medium sized business success. Once content on a website is optimised it will reach a target market, it will then become easier to convert site visitors into customers. Improving the content quality on your site can help boost conversion rates. An optimised website is easier to navigate, and it will load faster. Making it easier to learn about your products or services increasing your conversion rates. If people are interested in what you offer, they will visit your site, and this will create organic traffic over time converting to leads and sales.

Builds brand awareness 

SEO can help build your brand awareness. If your site is in the top position of search results, people will see your brand differently through changes and in turn increases your brand awareness. The consumers will become aware of your business online and when they need to purchase a product or service, they will remember you.

Online shoppers will more than likely opt for a brand that appears on Google in higher positions. This is extremely important for small businesses since it means with the right SEO in place you will reach your goals a lot quicker by moving past your competitors online. Even the best products need some form of marketing online to succeed in the long term.

Improves user experience on your site 

One of the most common SEO tips is writing high-quality content for your web pages, this provides visitors with a better user experience. SEO involves the overall navigation and architecture of your site. It assists the search engine crawlers that index your web pages, and it makes it easier for users to browse your site.

If a user can find what they are looking for they will spend a lot more time on your website. This benefit will naturally lead to better search rankings. Improving user experience plays a big part in getting there.

A customer will know what they want and if it’s hard to find, your site performance will suffer. The main goal is to offer users the information they need in an easy, quicker, and in just a few clicks. A positive and quality user experience will work in your brands favour.

SEO results are long-lasting and cost-effective 

The home grown DigiTally is a global success story that came from Dublin’s silicon valley. They have attributed most of their success through hiring the best search engine optimization agency they could find and are now a global leader in inventory management software.

PPC ads will bring results, however, an investment in organic SEO, the results are long lasting, and you will continue to reap the rewards of proper optimisation and tactics for many years to come.

Your long-term goal is to reach higher ranking positions on search engines and remain there long enough to improve conversion and raise brand awareness. To stay on track SEO must be maintained but the initial investment is far less substantial than paying for online ads like Google AdWords. As you start to climb the rankings you will start to receive more traffic.

The increased visibility and traffic improve the authority of your domain, providing an additional boost to your site. Smaller businesses will usually have a small budget, an SEO campaign can be set out for this, so you don’t have to spend a fortune and still get the same results. Once you start attracting traffic and start converting gaining leads and profit, you will receive a huge return on your investment over time.

Every business in every sector can benefit from SEO. SEO is the most affordable option for growing a business in Dublin. It will bring more visitors to your site gaining you leads which will translate to online sales.


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