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Why Corrugated Packaging is the Eco-Friendly Choice

Items have to be packaged in some way to withstand the shipping process. Regardless of whether the items are small or large, they cannot simply be tossed onto the back of a truck or loaded into a shipping container. The items must be prepped, first. Corrugated packaging has become a popular choice because of its eco-friendly qualities.

How Corrugated Packaging is Environmentally Friendly

Not all packaging materials are sustainable or made with materials that are safe for the planet. However, corrugated packaging has become an environmentally friendly choice for a number of reasons.

Corrugated materials are not only recyclable but they are made with recycled content. Cartons, newspapers, and other items are used again and again – and in many instances, they go into making corrugated packaging. They’re made without bleaches or dyes, ensuring they’re a sustainable option.

The nature of the corrugated packaging is that it can be used again and again. Most of the options can be collapsed, reassembled, and reused. It ensures that consumable items aren’t being exhausted each time packaging is needed. The boxes are stable and can withstand a significant amount of weight and abuse before, ultimately, needing to be recycled.

Corrugated boxes can save energy, too. Since they’re made from recycled materials, they’re often sourced locally. It cuts down on the energy to produce and even the energy to transport. Not only are corrugated cardboard boxes good for the environment but they can also reduce courier and transit costs.

With the use of other packaging materials, corrugated packaging can be used to offer efficient protection in shipping. The boxes can be custom fit so that there’s no need for excess material just to fill the box. Smaller boxes also mean a smaller carbon footprint.

Why Does It Matter That Packaging is Eco-Friendly?

Being eco-friendly matters. It’s not just so that you can boast that you’re saving the planet. It’s also about being able to reach new customers. Choosing eco-friendly packaging allows you to target green consumers. Many millennials, for example, want to buy exclusively from companies that are eco-friendly. How you package items to ship to millennials, therefore, matters quite a bit.

The way in which you package and ship matters. And by choosing an eco-friendly option, it turns into something you can market as such, too.

Packaging Materials: The Choice is Yours

Don’t ever think that you don’t have a choice when it comes to shipping and handling. You’re in control of the packaging materials that are used. When you want an item shipped across the state, country, or globe, you get to choose how it’s shipped. This includes how carefully it is packaged as well as what method is used to ship.

You can choose corrugated packaging just as easily as a wooden crate. You can choose to have your item shipped by air, by rail, or by sea. You’re in control of all of the major decisions based on the companies you work with. If you’re not sure what materials are being used, start asking questions.

When you make the switch to corrugated packaging, you may find that not only do you save money but you also promote yourself as being more eco-friendly.


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