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Why companies prefer to advertise more and more online?

The internet has taken the business world by storm, and more and more companies are putting their advertising dollars into online campaigns that reach their users directly.There’s a reason for it: online advertising is cheaper to implement, is capable of reaching a more precise demographic, and faster to produce. Online advertising offers companies the ability to quickly and effectively appeal to their target audiences, resulting in more revenues and decreased costs.Online advertising is cheaper to implement than traditional advertisingThe mechanisms for launching online advertising campaigns have become so streamlined that nearly anyone can have targeted, effective marketing materials on the web in a matter of days. This is because the tools for creating online advertising are far more widespread and accessible to the creative industry than those needed for traditional advertising.And because large, multinational marketing firms aren’t needed in creating effective marketing campaigns, the cost of running them is a fraction of what it costs to launch a traditional marketing campaign.There are also fewer mediums that online advertising must pass through before it’s visible. The advertising networks deal with marketers themselves as opposed to the chain of middlemen that deal in traditional advertising. This results in vastly decreased costs over traditional advertising, which oftentimes delivers the same or worse results.Online advertising is capable of reaching a more precise demographicTraditional advertising mediums are notoriously difficult to gauge. A television show might appeal to as many 80 year olds as 20 year olds; just as many women as men might see a billboard on their way to work in the morning. But web demographics are segmented; because there are so many different websites serving so many specific niches, surgically targeting a certain demographic through online advertising is incredible simple.Advertising networks can pinpoint age demographics to within a few years, and male/female campaigns are even easier to launch.Companies are tired of spending money on advertising that their core audience will never see. Online advertising allows marketing managers to reach only the people that are interested in purchasing their product or using their service. Why throw money away on people that aren’t interested in what you have to offer?Online advertising is faster to produce than traditional advertisingWhat comes to mind when you think of “traditional advertising”? Maybe a billboard on the highway, a commercial on television, or a poster at a bus station. Think about all of the steps that went into producing those three pieces of advertising. For the commercial, actors had to be hired, a script had to be written, a director had to be retained, and a network had to be paid to air the final product.And those costs could have ballooned as a result of production issues: maybe the director had to be fired and replaced, or the product was changed significantly just after the commercial was finished. The same types of issues could have plagued the production of the poster and billboard.These long, tedious advertising production cycles have plagued companies for years. But online advertising now allows companies to craft effective advertising campaigns nearly instantly. An online advertising campaign might consist of only text links broadcast over a large network of websites.Reaching just as many eyes as a print advertisement, these links can be tweaked at a moment’s notice or throttled up or down depending on their success. Online advertising is immediate; it creates nearly instantaneous results.


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