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What is the Future for Online Businesses During the Financial Crisis?

The banks and the automakers received their bailouts, but what about you? Don’t hold your breath, it doesn’t look like the average Joe is going to get bailed out any time soon. The bank and auto bailouts were supposed to have a trickle down effect, meaning that when money is given to these organizations it was supposed to be used in such a way that it creates and stabilizes jobs. Instead, banks are sitting on the money, and automakers are cutting jobs just to stay out of bankruptcy. But don’t worry, there is a way to make it through the tough times. Have you considered looking into online businesses during the financial crisis?As things get tough, and more people lose their jobs every day, online businesses are booming! Unable to find work, many are starting their own online business. Let me use myself as an example. I used to sell new Ford cars. As the economic crisis worsened, I made less and less sales. I watched as colleagues who had sold cars since George Bush the first was president left the car business. Eventually, I had to leave as well. I just wasn’t selling enough cars to support my family. I searched high and wide for work, but no one was hiring. Out of desperation, I turned to the internet.One of the first things I found was that there were many sites offering unrealistic expectations, but for a price. You have probably seen them. “Make a thousand dollars a day!” Or the ever popular “Guide to internet riches!” “Act now and receive a Special Free Gift!” I didn’t fall for this sensationalism, and you shouldn’t either. I decided to stick with things I new about, and I started selling books on Ebay. I made enough to keep food on the table, but it wasn’t enough. I also found that often I would have a problem that I hadn’t foreseen. Customers would back out of deals, and sometimes books I had purchased sold for much less than I had anticipated. I wondered, “Is there really a future for online businesses during the financial crisis?” It was time to change tactics.During the long hours I worked as a car salesman, I often fantasized about being a writer. Now I had the opportunity to try to live out this dream, and make a little money while I was doing it. After all, I am a well read person and I like to read so why can’t I write? But who would pay for for my writing? I started my very own online writing business. As it turned out, there were hundreds of companies that would pay for my writing! Writing jobs started pouring in, and I always found myself busy. However, the amount of money I made would directly correlate to the amount of work I put in. If I put in a partial day’s work, I would make a partial days pay. If I put in eight hours or more per day, I would generally make for that day the same amount of money I would have made when I was still doing the 9 to 5 routine. Starting an online business can really work!Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that all of you reading this should start there own writing business. All you need to do is find something you have an interest in and go with that. I know a health food enthusiast who makes a living just writing about health food and selling ad space on here site. Another friend sells comic books on Ebay as well as his own site. If you choose something you are passionate about, you will be more likely to succeed.So, what is the future of online businesses during the financial crisis? Starting an online business is the same as just starting a business. You will run into problems that you will have to work through, and you will need to put some effort into it. There is no magic formula that you can punch in and sit back to watch your money to come in. When you are the boss, the success of your company is up to you.


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