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Use Sponsorship To Earn Money Through Your Blogs!

In terms of popularity, sponsorship programs have not been popular for a long time. But with the advent of many vistas for people to make money off the Internet, sponsorship programs have come to exist. So, what sponsorship programs are after all and how are they related to your blog.

To understand this a bit deeper, you would need to be clear of one thing – Sponsorship is closely tied in to advertising!

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With the point being mentioned that sponsorship is basically another name to advertising, you would need to understand the operational model.

Let us assume you maintain a blog, for example A. A company is coming up with a product B and wishes to advertise it. One of the ways it could take is by asking you to advertise their product directly through your blogs. There are some advantages and disadvantages in this model. Let us take a look at them.

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Advantages of sponsorship programs

  • It allows you to share the revenue with the company. This could either be on a PPC (Pay per Click) or a PPS (Pay per Sale) arrangement.
  • If the product is really beneficial for people, then you could make your blog credible in its standings.
  • It allows you to know what is happening in the industry in terms of development.

Disadvantages of sponsorship programs

  • There has been a lot of ambiguity on the terms and conditions of payment to people who accept to sponsor the ads from their blogs.
  • The companies would still give you the link of the product they wish you to promote or advertise. You could still promote them using the best techniques yet have no viewers or buyers for the product. Maybe, there are some underlying reasons which you need to understand.
  • If your blog is credible enough and has been having a constant stream of traffic to it, the last thing you would have ever wanted is something external impacting the traffic flow.

This could happen especially when the product is not credible enough causing people to lose faith in your blog. And let us be honest – If not your blog, there are millions others out there that they could go to!
One way where people can gain a lot from these sponsorship programs is by writing posts for the companies’ products.

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This is a highly unregulated deal because companies may require about 100 posts from you in a week’s time and yet for months together, may not have work for you. Nevertheless, it is a money earning opportunity for you, which you should give a good thought.

How to get into a sponsorship program?

Very rarely you would find old and established products in the market going for a sponsorship program. It would be the new entrants who require an extra effort in advertising, and thus you would be well-served if you find out new products in the market. Speak to the company and ask them if they can allow you to advertise on their blogs. If they do, then a new set of headaches is just about to begin for you.

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To be successful in the game of sponsorship blogging, you need to be at the top of the blogging skills. Needless to say, you should know how to write good and appealing content for your visitors.


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