Let’s up your game and talk about paid advertising tactics.

Build a Powerful Mailing List

Quite possibly the most crucial tool for finding success and profit in blogging, is to build a mailing list. For just $1 you can setup your trial account with Aweber and begin building a mailing list for your blogs. Benefits of having your own subscriber list are; ability to continually growing your daily readership with new subscribers, providing weekly/ daily RSS blog updates by email and also the capability to send out newsletters or announcement mailings to your readers.

Aweber: for mailing lists

Aweber: for mailing lists

Text Link Advertising

If you haven’t spent the time to build up quality posts or content on your blog, there is a good chance that many other blogs aren’t linking back to your site. Remember content is king. Another option would be to make use of services like Text Link Ads, which allow you to buy text links on other blogs. You choose the search phrase, and depending on the page rank from the site, you can pay between $5 to $100 a month for a text link. The thing here is to produce text links with relevant search terms for your blog, which eventually will help with your search engines rankings.*

Ads that also improve your search engine ranking?

Ads that also improve your search engine ranking?

Social Networking Advertising

I also mentioned using Facebook and Twitter to produce a Fan Page and bring in new followers. Another option would be to create ad campaigns on Facebook, where you can advertise your Fan Page to Facebook users who’ve exactly the same interests. You can also advertise on Twitter using services like SponsoredTweets and Ad.ly.

Search engine Marketing

If you are finding success with your blog, or easily converting people to join your e-mail lists, you might do well with search engine marketing. Through pay per click advertising (like Adwords), you can get top rank listings on all the major search engines. Clicks will vary in price, but if you focus on less sought after keyword and search terms, you can still get clicks for a few pennies. Another option is to advertise on Google Content Network (also needs adwords acc. to work) where clicks are even cheaper.*.  Before using services like TLA, it’s better to familiarize with all major Google algorithms. Even if text link ads can get you some traffic for a short period of time, my opinion is that Google won’t like it that much on a longer term.


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