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Three Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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Are you tired of having to remove your hearing aid to listen to an audiobook or music with headphones? Do you ever get frustrated trying to replace your hearing aid with a mobile headset to answer a call before your phone stops ringing? Rather than swapping out your earpieces, you may consider using Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

Bluetooth technology allows different devices to wirelessly communicate with each other by using radio waves. For example, Bluetooth headphones can connect to your MP3 player or mobile phone so you can listen to music while you’re out on a walk. You can also use Bluetooth technology to send files from your mobile device to your computer or tablet.

When you use Bluetooth hearing aids, you gain similar functionality and the ability to control your hearing aid’s volume through an app on your phone. Let’s look at three uses and benefits of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Let You Make Wireless Calls

Instead of removing your hearing aid to take calls with a mobile headset, you can take calls directly through a Bluetooth hearing aid. No need to worry about missing a call while trying to swap devices in time.

They Serve as Headphones for TV and Music

If you normally use headphones to hear your favorite TV shows or music without disturbing others, Bluetooth hearing aids can replace those, too. If your television, phone, or MP3 player has Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair them with your hearing aid to listen to them without needing separate headphones.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Can Connect to Multiple Devices at Once

Another benefit of Bluetooth hearing aids is their ability to pair with multiple devices at one time. Let’s say you’re in the car and want to hear the audio directions from a GPS device, but you also want to listen to music. With both devices connected to your hearing aid, you can listen to music and your GPS can also give directions without you having to change devices or try to hear directions over your music.

Considerations of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

If you think Bluetooth hearing aids might be a good option, be sure to check compatibility before choosing a model. Some are only compatible with iPhones while others have universal connectivity meaning you can use them with any Bluetooth-enabled device. You should always check the devices you plan to use with your new hearing aids before choosing one.

Bluetooth hearing aids are a great advancement in hearing technology. As long as you carefully choose a model that will work with your favorite devices, they can help simplify your life and give you more control of your hearing aids through your mobile phone.



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