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The Benefits of Triple Glazing

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The Benefits of Triple Glazing 

If you are starting to build a new home or thinking of making changes to your home, now is the time to think about how to make it more energy efficient. There are so many new technologies out there for window options so triple glazing has become the most popular option for today’s window suppliers. Triple glazed windows are the latest invention in window insulation that is worth the extra cost. Triple glazing offers the highest insulation in the market today. Triple glazing windows cost around 20% more than double however the comfort and quality are so much better.

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing consists of 3 glass panes within a frame that is sealed. In the middle of every pane of glass is a pocket of inert gas or air, such as argon. Argon works as an insulator for both heat and noise and is heavier than air. The 3rd glass pane is located halfway in the middle of the inside and outside double-glazing panes, this creates 2 airlocks which improve the double-glazing energy performance by up to 50%. The main purpose of this glazing is to reduce the noise in the home and increase energy efficiency. The window energy performance is measured by its U value. If your U value is low, the window performance will be better.

The energy performance of a window is measured by its U value – the lower the U value, the better the performance. 1 pane of glass in a traditional window has a U value of at least 5.

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Reduces Noise Pollution 

If you are living in a large urban area or in a city, the noise levels can be an issue for many people. With triple glazed windows, this issue will never exist. You can close your doors and windows and enjoy your personal space without any external noise. With the extra layer of glass, the noise is reduced. Multiple layers of glass work as a barrier for sound, as the sound will lose its strength as it travels through 2 to 3 layers of glass. Triple glazing is the ideal choice if your home is situated near airports, train lines, or busy noisy roads.

Thermal Insulation 

Triple glazed windows and doors can be expensive, however, the long-term savings will be worth the cost. A lot of heat lost in a home is through your doors and windows as these are the openings to your property. Due to this, most energy audits will focus first on your insulation and windows. In most cases, if you upgrade to triple glazed windows and doors, it is the equivalent to having insulation fitted to your ceilings and walls in terms of energy savings. Triple glazing is often used on commercial projects and buildings such as hospitals and schools where good thermal insulation is absolutely essential. Upgrade your windows and doors to keep your energy bill costs down and make savings in the long term.

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Triple glazing consists of 3 panes of glass making it so much more difficult to break. It provides increased security for your home protecting your family from intruders and gives you a sense of security. Triple glazing offers robust security measures like increased strength with a tougher stronger frame and a robust glass.

Reduction in Condensation 

Triple glazed windows are an excellent option for reducing the condensation on the windows compared to double glazing. Triple glazing glass has a lower U value which minimizes the internal condensation problem as it stops the cold outside temperature from reacting with internal warm air resulting in condensation allowing the heat to stay inside the property. The main cause of internal condensation is a lack of adequate ventilation and high humidity levels inside from wet rooms or tumble dryers.

Increases comfort levels

With the increases of warmth and heat in your property, triple glazing will also increase the comfort levels in the property by eliminating draughts and cold spots near windows and doors. Triple glazing keeps heat in just that bit better. Triple glazing windows can offer an 18°C surface temperature.

Will your home be worth more value with triple glazing?

It is recommended and encouraged by window and door manufacturers to switch to triple-glazing from double glazing. it is important to enhance the performance and the energy of your windows and doors by installing tripling glazing as double glazing may not be enough essentially in the colder winter months.

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The government is under immense pressure to find ways to reduce global warming and carbon emissions which is more important than ever in the public eye, a property can see a reduction in energy usage through upgrading features such as doors and windows or through build design.

This will more than likely add some extra value to the property if you are choosing to sell your home. A home with lower energy bills and one that is well insulated will appeal to any potential buyer looking to purchase a home.

New innovations in Glazing 

As of recent, window manufacturers have stepped up their game and are now offering quadruple glazed windows. Switzerland window manufacturer Scheiwiller is producing quadruple glazed windows which are 4 panes of glass with 3 cavities. With future developments in window technology, it will revolve around changing window materials or new coatings which absorb heat in sunlight and release it at night. Modern triple glazing can even be used on roof windows.

Should you install triple glazing in your home?

Triple glazing reaps rewards and benefits almost immediately. Your property will be well insulated, condensation won’t exist, draughts and cold spots will be greatly reduced, and your energy bills will see a huge reduction. Triple glazing can be expensive however you will see greater benefits in the long term.

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It adds a major comfort factor to life indoors in the colder wintertime which once you experience this it is something you will pay for and have installed into your property. If you are seeking a warmer and hotter home, then triple glazing is the way forward. It is growing in popularity for its thermal insulation and long-term savings on energy costs.


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