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Submitting websites to thousands of free web directories, still worth it?

We all know that many webmasters in an effort to make their websites rank better in search engines, do a lot of related stuff: write articles about subjects related to their niche, optimize images, minify CSS and JS files etc.

Another thing that used to work well a few years ago was submitting their URL to hundreds of free web directories. Now, for something which is free, these web directories were always subject to spamming. If you check one of these free web directories, I sure you’ll find a lot of websites that are parked, dead, incomplete etc. DMOZ is the one and only free web directory (human edited) and it is the best one.

However, people started to don’t care that much anymore about Google, instead they try to focus on getting… visitors. If you have visitors, you have sales, no matter what you’re selling. We tend to oversee the sources of these visitors… many times a well planned mailing campaign, a nice banner placed on a very related website can send a lot of quality visitors to your website. There are also very good SEO tools like this link directory submitter. If you send your website to thousands of URLS you can get a few hundred visitors on a monthly basis and in my opinion this is an awesome ROI.

All in all, SEO it is not about over doing one thing. There are so many things you have to look for… but maybe the most important thing is to offer quality to your visitors.


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